Top 5 Winter Slippers to Stay Cozy all Season

In the cold weather, our appreciation for warm winter slippers increases tenfold! It’s always nice to have soft, supportive slippers to protect your feet, but when it’s chilly outside, they are truly the most comforting footwear. From wool ankle booties to cozy clogs, you can keep your feet warm and chic in the snuggliest slippers around.

Best Winter Slippers for Home and Outdoors

Designed to be worn both inside and outdoors, Taos slippers are truly a must-have for winter days. Whether you’re working from home or taking your child to the park to play, Taos has the perfect winter slippers for home that keep your feet ensconced by a pillow of soft wool.

Wool Clogs

A traditional wool clog slipper is a staple in many winter closets because they are so versatile. Stylish, warm, and easy to slide on and off as you walk around the house, the following Taos wool clogs can be worn with all of your knitwear, jeans, and wintry dresses.

  1. Woollery: With a classic design and eight beautiful color choices, Woolery clogs are a practical must-have for everyone. They have excellent arch support with a removable polyurethane footbed that cushions your every step.

    Taos Woollery Clog
  2. Woolma: The newest clog to join Taos’ shoe family, Woolma is inspired by European flair. The contrasting stitching recalls old world charm, wrapping your feet in style and encouraging a sense of adventure. With a natural cork midsole and hard wearing rubber outsole, this clog is the ideal pair of warm winter slippers.

    Taos Woolma Clog
  3. My Sweet Wool: A gorgeous sweetheart vamp sets this wool clog made in Spain apart from its peers. Easy to wear and easy to love, My Sweet Wool is a touch of comfort on cold winter days.

    Taos My Sweet Wool Clog

  4. Convertawool: There’s a lot to enjoy from this pair of slip on winter slippers made of wool. For one, they have a unique convertible heel that makes it easy to pull them on when you wake up in the morning or need a glass of water in the middle of the night. Even more impressive is the durability and quality of our sustainably, ethically sourced wool.

    Taos Convertawool Clog

Wool Ankle Boots

If you get really cold feet in the winter and want more coverage, then a wool boot is a great choice for warm slippers! Don’t worry, the wool makes these naturally breathable and antimicrobial, so they don’t trap heat and sweat like traditional winter slippers.

Good Wool: Made in Spain, this ultra comfy pull on boot is the perfect blend of form and function. These can easily be worn outside the house with jeans and a sweater or a pair of black leggings. We’re redefining cozy street style with these game-changing slipper boots.

Taos Good Wool Booties

The Beauty of Taos Warm Winter Slippers

Every pair of Taos winter slippers has been made thoughtfully to respect the environment and uphold the highest quality standards. To begin with, the raw wool used is ethically sourced and imported from Italy. This wool meets the highest European certifications for environmental and animal welfare and is cruelty-free and animal friendly. Wool is naturally temperature regulating, so these warm slippers will keep you warm during the winter without suffocating your feet.

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