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7 Best Sandals for Bunions

Bunions can be very painful. These bumps on the sides of your big toe can cause a lot of discomfort for those who have them, to the point where shoes may often hurt too much to wear. Even a pair of lightweight sandals for bunions can feel like too much for some people.

Bunions are caused by misalignment in your big toe. Rather than pointing straight, the big toe will start to angle itself towards the second toe, so much so that the big toe may overlap or go behind the toe next to it. This shift causes excess pressure in the joint of your big toe and pushes it outward, away from your foot, creating the trademark large, bony lump on the inside of your foot.

This joint at the base of your big toe carries a lot of your weight, so as bunions grow in size, they can become a constant and growing pain point. Unfortunately, it’s a condition that usually only gets worse with time. Luckily, there are plenty of bunion relief shoes and sandals for bunions, that can ease discomfort while helping you look and feel great.

While there is a lot you can do to relieve bunion pain, they won’t go away without surgery. With that said, proper management and treatment can reduce pain and help you avoid having to go under the knife. First and foremost, you need the right footwear to relieve bunion pain.

So many people will avoid shoes like sandals for bunion feet because they feel like it makes their feet unsightly. What these people might not realize is that sandals can be some of the best types of footwear for bunions. You can even find sandals that cover bunions

In this post, we are going to look at some of our top picks for sandals to wear with bunions.


Featuring a flexible, padded contour-cork latex footbed and an adjustable strap that accommodates your foot’s shape, Lola is a lightweight slide-on sandal designed to take you on journeys from day to night. The adjustable strap is delicate with your skin, making them ideal sandals for bunions.

Taos Lola Leather Toe Strap Sandals with Cork Insole


There’s nothing quite as classic and timeless as a good thong sandal, the design in itself makes them the most comfortable and stylish sandals for bunions. Aura features a premium footbed with arch and metatarsal support and Cool Recovery Foam® for lasting cooling comfort. Aura is a step-in-and-go sandal, perfect for everyday adventures.

Taos Aura Nubuck/Nylon Strap Active Thong EVA Outsole


A casual and cool sandal European-style sandal, Luckie will help you complete all your errands in comfort and style. The adjustable straps make for a comfortable fastening if you have a foot condition. These summer sandals that hide bunions are comfortable enough to wear all day, and stylish enough to go with any ensemble.

Luckie Leather Sandals with Cork Latex Support


The Escape is a stylish sandal that hides your bunions. The hook and loop adjustable straps make them a good fit for people with foot problems, and the stand up footbed will be kind to your feet as you walk. If you are looking for summer sandals for bunions that can be comfortable for a full day of activity, the Escape should be on your list of options to check out.

Taos Escape Leather Strap Sandals


The Universe is one of our sandals for bunions that offers a bit more of a heel. The Z-strap design of the leather uppers make these sandals attractive, and the contoured cork footbed will offer the support you need for an evening out. This sandal can also come with an extra wide design, which can be great for people who may need a little extra room around the bunion.

Taos Universe Leather Z Strap Sandal

My Dear

If you want comfortable sandals that hide bunions, have a look at the My Dear. This sandal has two adjustable straps for the perfect fit, and the front strap should do well at hiding most bunions. It also has a contoured cork/polyurethane footbed for support and a cushioned forefoot for comfort. It is a versatile sandal that can go with almost any look, and it won’t cause any unnecessary pain for your bunions.

Taos My Dear Leather Two Strap Buckle Finish Sandals

Trophy 2

The Trophy 2 may not be one of the sandals that hide bunions, but these sandals will be some of the best at keeping your feet comfortable with bunions. The adjustable straps can accommodate different widths while also providing a secure fit. These sandals also have the Soft Support premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam®.  If you prize comfort and support above all, the Trophy 2 makes for one of the best sandals for bunions.

Taos Trophy 2 Leather Gladiator Sandals with Soft Support

A good pair of sandals can be critical for managing bunion pain. Beyond wearing sandals for bunion feet, following exercises and using inserts with your shoes can do a lot to relieve pain and help you avoid the need for surgery.


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