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These Indoor/Outdoor Clogs Are Transforming What We Know About Women's Slippers

Every slipper lover (so, basically everyone) knows that there will come a point and time when they have to choose between wearing their slippers outside to walk the dog or going barefoot because their outdoor shoes are nowhere to be found. To risk ruining your soft slippers or sacrifice the cleanliness of your feet...that is the question.

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if there was a perfect pair of women’s slippers that could be both soft and cozy indoors as well as durable outdoors? But wait: There is – and it’s stylish to boot! During this period of coronavirus quarantine, Taos’ indoor/outdoor sustainable clogs are a dream come true for keeping our feet comfy. These beautifully crafted women’s slippers with arch support are designed with all the charm of a European village mixed with craftsmanship that can’t be beat.

Choosing the Right Pair of Indoor Outdoor Slippers

woolderness 2 clogs

When choosing your indoor outdoor shoes, there are several factors to consider. Do you want a soft wool outer with irresistible faux fur lining that cushions your every move? If so, clogs like Wool Do and Woolderness 2 will be your go-to during isolation.

woolderness 2 clogs

Or, would you prefer something a bit more streamlined, like the new Convertawool. These cute slippers are made with a woven wool upper material and wool footbeds.

Taos Convertawool Clogs

Our collection of plain and patterned shoes look stylish with almost anything – a pair of jeans, loungewear, or even a dress.

Get Support and Style From Slippers With Arch Support 

Each pair of our stylish women’s clogs is equipped with a built-in Curves & Pods premium removable footbed that provides arch, metatarsal, and heel support. If you suffer from heel spurs, neuropathy, or plantar fasciitis, you’ll find these indoor outdoor slippers with arch support to be a blessing.

Even if you don’t have any foot pain, these supportive and comfortable indoor shoes will help prevent you from getting injured. Your feet are very much at risk of injury in a pair of regular slippers, even if it’s just a stubbed toe. That’s because they are simply too soft to protect and support. Our indoor outdoor shoes are among the best slippers for women because they are comfy, but they also create a shield of protection to keep your feet out of harm’s way.

Bonus Features of the Best Slippers for Women

Let’s talk for a minute about the cork footbed in these clogs. By nature, cork is one of the best sustainable, all-natural materials for comfortable indoor shoes if you want great support. The cork sole absorbs the shock of walking, taking the impact away from your bones and joints and preventing strain. 

Also, cork contours to the shape of your foot overtime, so your indoor outdoor slippers will feel like they are custom made for you when you slide your toes in them each morning. You don’t find slippers with arch support very often and these make your work-from-home setup extra cozy!

taos my sweet wool

The great thing about these clogs is that they are completely suited to both indoor and outdoor life. When you come inside, you can easily give the rubber soles a quick wipe down with our Footwear Wipes and voila: your outdoor shoes become cute slippers. Carpets stay clean, feet stay happy.

Treat Yourself to Cute Indoor Outdoor Slippers

If you’re tired of your old, beat-up slippers with the floppy soles, take this period of lounging around the house as a sign that it’s time to say buh-bye. Like your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, our versatile and cute women’s slippers are soft on the inside and substantial on the outside.

The sturdy cork and rubber soles are more than strong enough to withstand your morning walk with Rover. In fact, these clogs can power through a whole day’s hike (or many walks up and down the stairs) if tested. Go ahead and treat yourself; you’ll love your indoor outdoor clogs almost as much as your feet will!