Women's SOFT SUPPORT Sandals

Experience the difference of wearing sandals with arch support from a soft, premium footbed. That’s what you’ll find with every pair of women’s sandals featuring SOFT SUPPORT™. This footbed creates a soft sandal that provides the ultimate arch and metatarsal support. Too often, wearing sandals means sacrificing comfort and putting undesirable pressure on your feet. By the end of the day, your feet are fatigued and the lack of support can cause future damage like arthritis or plantar fasciitis. Wearing sandals with arch and metatarsal support addresses both health and comfort concerns. Thanks to SOFT SUPPORT™, you can wear sandals all day long in comfort. Looking for a pair of fashionable wedges that support your feet all day long? Check out our Wedge Collection.

Coupled with our Cool Recovery Foam®, our soft women’s sandals also keep your feet cool from day to evening. When the weather is warm and you’re spending the day walking in sandals, it’s important to keep your feet supported and cool. With every pair of our sandals with SOFT SUPPORT™ and Cool Recovery Foam®, you have both arch and metatarsal support and cooling comfort to last the entire day. To shop other styles, take a look at our CORK SUPPORT™ sandals.  


It’s not easy to find cute women’s sandals with good arch support. Most pairs on the market prioritize looks over comfort. They can be flat, hard, and leave you feeling like you’ve been walking miles on just concrete. They might look trendy, but the lack of arch support will leave you with metatarsal & heel pain, as well as general foot problems in the long run. Don’t take the risk when you can find stylish sandals for women that come with built-in arch support and metatarsal support in the form of our patented SOFT SUPPORT™ technology.