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What are the Best Leather Boots for Bunions?

When you suffer from bunions, they can feel like the biggest nuisance. But, they really don’t have to be. In fact, foot pain caused by bunions doesn’t need to be much of a problem at all with the right shoes.

Don’t believe us? While shoes aren’t normally the cause of bunions, they can exacerbate the problem. So, choosing the right footwear is key to walking pain-free. When buying the best boots for bunions in fall and winter, look for the following features to protect your sensitive big toe joint. You can also try these tips to treat your bunions without surgery.

Pick Boots for Bunions That Have a Rounded Toe to Prevent Rubbing

The shape of your shoe is critical to your comfort. So, look for bunion boots with a rounded toe rather than a pointy one. This will leave some room in your shoe for your bunion, rather than squeezing it and causing you even more discomfort.

The rounded toe shape of Crave means it’s a perfect pair of comfortable leather boots for bunions – plus it’s super stylish! Your feet will also rejoice in the soft and luxurious faux fur lining that will not only keep them warm, but also provide a nice cushioning for your bunion. Not to mention the ultra-comfortable and supportive Taos Soft Support™ polyurethane dual density removable footbed you’ll find at the sole of these boots.

Taos Crave Combat Fashion Boot in Black On Black Waterproof

Make Sure the Material of Your Bunion Booties is Soft and Stretchy

Hard plastic is a big no-no for bunions. Look for soft, comfortable leather boots like Boot Camp. These lace-up boots are one pair of fashionable shoes for bunions that allow the foot to stretch the material of the upper, thus preventing the pain that occurs from ongoing pressure. With our Soft Support™ removable footbeds, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds all day long!

Taos Boot Camp Boots 

Choose Extra Wide Soles for More Room

The width of the shoe is just as important when finding the best boots for bunions as the other two features. You want your foot to feel like it has room and is 100% comfortable from the moment you try on your new pair of boots. This means choosing a boot with a wide enough sole to accommodate the width of your bunions. We recommend a wider than normal size for people suffering from bunions.

Our stylish and comfortable Combo is a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile bunion boot with a slight edge. Our classic Engineer boots with faux fur lining fold over with a snap and leather buckle harness. This customer favorite is durable and flexible enough to keep you going all day long.

Taos Combo Engineer Boot

Get the Best Arch Support Insoles

Wondering what the arch has to do with bunions? Think of the parts of the foot (and body) like parts of a fancy piece of equipment. If one part isn’t taken care of, the others also won’t function at their best. Proper support of the arch will alleviate the burden of pressure put on the big toe joint and help you avoid other common foot problems.

Our orthotic Curves and Pods® footbeds are thoughtfully designed to protect and support all the parts of your foot, thus reducing bunion pain. You can find them in supportive and fashionable shoes for bunions like Work It High. These booties feature both arch and metatarsal support, so you can rely on them to get you where you need to go in comfort.

Taos Footwear Combat Fashion Boot Work It High in Black

Opt for Comfortable Leather Boots with a Low Heel

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: high heels are not your friend. If you suffer from bunions, keep your heel heights low and your head held high!

We recommend 1.5-inch heels or lower for maximum comfort when you’re looking for the best boots for bunions. Wedges, like Dillie, are even better than a heel because they disperse the weight more evenly across the base of your foot, thus alleviating the pressure put on your bunions. These boots are beautiful and timeless, so you can wear them with almost anything.

Taos Dillie Boot in Water Friendly Dark Taupe Suede

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: high heels are not your friend. If you suffer from bunions, keep your heel heights low and your head held high!

Choosing the best bunion booties and boots comes down to a matter of research and trust. You can trust that Taos shoes are made to protect, not confine, your feet. Our shoes are made for comfort, so keeping you from awful foot pain with our fashionable shoes for bunions is our top priority. Check out our newest styles of comfortable leather boots here

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