How Should Sandals Fit? The Best Sandals Fit Guide


Summer is here and that means sandal season is upon us. While sandals are often seen as easier to fit than sneakers or boots because of their open construction, it’s still important to get your measurements right to avoid painful issues like blisters. Particularly if you plan to be wearing your sandals around a city or on an active vacation, it’s essential that they be as comfortable and supportive as a pair of sneakers would be. 

So, how should sandals fit and how can you get the right size at home? Your feet will swell in hot weather, so make sure that your summer and spring shoes are fit at the end of the day to accommodate small fluctuations in foot size. Follow the steps in this sandals fit guide to make sure you get the perfect pair to wear all summer long!


Measuring Your Feet

 It’s best to have a professional measure your feet, but if you are at home, you can also take your own foot measurements. To do this, lay a piece of paper flat on the floor and step onto it. Trace the outline of your foot onto the paper and then measure the outline for your length and width. You will use the largest measurement from each of these -- for example, the length from your big toe to your heel rather than from your pinky to your heel. If you have one foot that is larger than the other, then your shoe size will need to accommodate that foot.


Compare Your Foot Measurements to Company Size Guide

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a company’s shoe sizing will be exactly true to size across the board. You should always use the size guide and fit tips provided by the sandal company to make sure your measurements align with their sizing. Read reviews as well to see if customers find that the sizing is too big, too small, or true to size. 


1. Try On the Sandal

 Whether you’ve ordered the sandals online or are trying them on for the first time in a store, it’s important to take a few minutes to walk around in them and notice how they feel. If your feet are hanging over the edges or feel squeezed, then it is likely the shoe is too small in the length or width. 


2. Check the Insole

Another very important sizing issue that many people neglect to notice is how the insole fits to your arch. Many sandals are notoriously bad for your arches because they are flat and offer no support whatsoever. A flat insole will undoubtedly lead to discomfort and can cause issues like shin splints, joint pain, and plantar fasciitis. Instead, look for sandals with a supportive memory foam insole, like Prize 4, or a cork insole, like Grand Z. Both of these sandals will mold to the shape of your foot to provide excellent arch support while walking.

 Taos Prize 4 Sandals Black Exotic Multi

3. Adjust the Straps

 Finally, take a moment to adjust the straps on your sandals to be loose enough to feel comfortable while you are standing up, but still be snug so as to hold the shoe securely to your foot. The best method of bunion prevention in sandals is to make sure that thin straps don’t squeeze your big toe joint or the surrounding area. Sandals with thicker straps, like Escape also tend to be more comfortable and offer more ankle support than those with thin straps. 

 Taos Escape Sandals

Signs That Your Sandals Don’t Fit Properly

 If you experience any of the following when fitting sandals at the store, then they are either the wrong size, or just not a good fit for the shape of your foot.


  • Generally uncomfortable
  • Straps digging in
  • Toes hanging over the edge
  • Heels hanging off the back
  • Arch not touching the insole of the shoe
  • Loud sounds when you walk
  • Foot sliding around or slipping out of sandal


Enjoy Comfort and Support All Summer Long

According to a study reported by the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, up to two-thirds of the population wear shoes that don’t fit properly. Don’t be one of these people! While it’s not always easy to get your size right, it is achievable when you pay attention to detail. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting blisters or experiencing foot pain during your summer vacation, so invest in sandals that fit properly and are soft and comfortable with arch support.

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