The Ultimate Waterproof Leather Boot Guide for Rainy Days

Caught in the rain unexpectedly in your new pair of leather boots? We’ve all been there. While suede should never be worn in the rain, there’s no need to panic if you’re wearing leather boots. It’s not encouraged to wear leather boots in the rain, but you can get them wet as long as you take some precautions. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how to protect your leather boots on rainy days, keeping your feet dry and your shoes in great shape.

Are Leather Boots Waterproof? 

Leather is a natural material that can get wet and recover without damage. Here are some ways to protect your leather boots on rainy days.


As soon as you take your leather boots out of their box, we recommend spraying them with a waterproof protectant spray or waxing them. This will create a protective layer that will cause moisture to bead off of the boot, rather than sink in, and it will help you waterproof leather boots. Leather that has not been protected is susceptible to color and shape changes when it dries, which you will want to avoid. 


While water is a nuisance, mud, grime, and salt are bigger problems you’ll need to protect against on rainy days. If your boots aren’t completely clean, they are more likely to get damaged when they get wet because the dirt can soak in. It’s important to always clean your boots after wear to prevent staining. You can use a brush to loosen dirt and a damp cloth to gently wipe any marks or stains.


Regular polishing of your boots will also provide some resistance against the rain as the polish penetrates into the pores of the leather so that water can’t seep through. It also provides a beautiful shine that will make your boots look as good as new.

What to Do When Your Boots Get Wet

After you’ve been out in the rain, don’t just kick off your boots by the door to let them dry. Instead, towel them off and fill them with newspaper to absorb excess moisture that may have gotten inside. This also helps them keep their shape as they dry. You may need to wipe away any dirt and salt on the surface. Afterwards, apply a boot conditioner, which will nourish and restore the leather.

3 Popular Leather Boot Styles to Consider

Now that you know how to take care of your waterproof leather boots in the rain, it’s time to decide on a pair of boots! Depending on what your personal style is and where you plan to wear your boots, you might prefer ankle booties, hiking boots, or knee-high boots. Here are some of the most popular boot styles from Taos to consider.


A favorite of Taos customers, Crave are edgy combat boots with a twist. They are handcrafted in Portugal with European style and a close attention to detail. With lacing as well as a zipper, it’s easy to get a perfect fit without needing to lace up every time. If you crave comfort, then you’ll love the Curves & Pods® dual density removable footbed inside Crave boots. 

Double Time

Short and with a side zip, these beautiful burnished leather boots are ideal for everyday wear. They feature high-quality zippers, an arch support footbed and leather laid on welt, which makes the shoe more flexible. With a rubber outsole, you don’t need to worry about stepping on wet pavement because these little boots can stand up to the rain.


If you’re a fan of Chelsea boots, then take a peek at Chelly, our updated version on a classic that blends both style and quality. European softy leather and premium tonal elastic gore make up this flexible and comfy boot. Whether you’re stepping out on a morning in the country or pounding city sidewalks in the rain, these boots will put a pep in your step.