How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes With Each Type of Outfit

Mary Jane style shoes are iconic. They found their start with schoolchildren, but have been reinvented by designers time and time again. Mary Janes are known for their distinctive strap across the instep of the foot, rounded toe, and black color. Ladies Mary Jane shoes are traditionally made of leather, but there have been different variations as fashion continues to take a new spin on classic styles.

 Womens Mary Janes have traditionally been flat, especially considering they were designed for young women, but you can now find them with various types of heels. There’s everything from Mary Jane-inspired wedges, heels, and even athletic footwear.

Thanks to all these new options, ladies Mary Jane shoes can be worn with almost anything. Whether you are looking to be a bit more formal or more laid back, Mary Jane style shoes are versatile and stylish enough to fit with any occasion – and give any outfit that extra pop it needs. Here’s how to wear Mary Jane shoes with every type of outfit.

Taos Footwear Ta Dah Womens Casual Adjustable Shoes

Pair Mary Jane Style Shoes With Pants

Women’s Mary Jane shoes can go great with jeans or trousers, but it is important that the pants allow the shoe to stand out. In other words, the pants can’t be too long or flared. Instead, they need to be tailored and fitted to give your ladies Mary Jane shoes some room to shine.

Our leather Mary Jane shoes keep it classy and comfortable, though, thanks to the premium materials and Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed.

The Ta Dah is a Mary Jane dress shoe that has a heel for a perfect look with a fitted trouser that hits above the ankle. The buckle design and Curves & Pods® footbed are the perfect combination of chic style and long-lasting comfort.

Wear Mary Jane Dress Shoes With Skirts

It’s no surprise Mary Jane shoes for women look great with skirts. While you may be tempted to pair your Mary Janes with a flirty skirt that hits above the knee, consider matching them with a longer pencil skirt.

Leather Mary Jane shoes with a heel will look chic and also help to elongate your silhouette when paired with a sleek and sophisticated narrow, knee-length skirt.

Leather Mary Jane Shoes Even Match With Shorts

Shorts can be tricky with heels of any kind. They can work with Mary Jane dress shoes, but you need to be very conscious of the types of shorts you’re wearing. If you’re looking for how to wear Mary Jane shoes with shorts, the shorts can’t be too short.

While this may bring back memories of your school dress code, try to make sure the shorts fall below your fingers when you have your hands by your side. Also, try to avoid denim shorts; fitted shorts will work best.

If you don’t want to put too much thought into how to wear Mary Jane shoes with shorts, consider simply wearing a pair of flat leather Mary Jane shoes. Stylish design details, like perforations in the leather and metal hardware, give these a modern twist. 

It’s clear to see that the classic leather Mary Jane shoes of your schoolgirl days have gotten a stylish update. When it comes to how to wear Mary Jane shoes, there are plenty of chic options available, no matter what the dress code is.

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