The Difference Between Medium And Wide Shoes

Do most shoes cause you pain, even when you go up a size? It’s likely that you have wide feet and the problem is the width of your shoes, not the length. We all have different foot shapes and sizes, and width is a really important factor when it comes to buying shoes. 

Many people mistakenly think they need a bigger shoe length when a pair of shoes feels too tight, when often it is actually the width that is causing their toes to overlap and feet to feel constricted. Wearing shoes that are the wrong width can result in foot pain, calluses, ingrown toenails, blisters, and bunions. Too narrow shoes can also put you at a greater risk of falling. If you’ve been thinking about wide vs. medium shoes, this guide is for you!

Medium Vs. Wide Shoes

At only about ⅛ of an inch difference, the size of a wide shoe and a regular width shoe is not huge. However, the difference between medium and wide shoes is significant. When it comes to giving your foot a bit more room, this tiny fraction can make all the difference in comfort.

To know whether or not you need a wide width shoe, have your feet measured in a shoe store and compare your measurements to the exact style of shoe you are looking to purchase. Then, be sure to try the shoe on and walk around the store to see how it feels. Your feet will feel squeezed on the sides if a shoe is too narrow. 

Stylish and Comfortable Wide Fit Shoes

Looking for the perfect pair of wide fit shoes? Taos has you covered with the styles below.

Wide Fit Sneakers

Everyone needs a pair of classic canvas sneakers in their closet. They’re comfy, always stylish and easy to wear with everything, from jeans to dresses. While many canvas sneakers are narrow in width, Star comes in a wide width option as well as numerous colorways.

Taos Star Sneakers

If you’re looking for a more urban alternative to Star, then give Moc Star a try. This sneaker staple aligns with a laid-back lifestyle and is the perfect weekend shoe. The canvas comes in multiple colors with a distressed finish for extra style points. You’ll love the soft padded collar at the heel, which provides extra support and cushioning.

Taps Moc Star Canvas Sneakers

Wide Fit Sandals

While sandals naturally provide a bit more breathing room for your feet, there is nothing worse than having your foot extending past the sides of a too-narrow sandal footbed. Luckily, Taos has stylish sandals with wide fit options, like Trulie and Universe to fully accommodate the shape of your foot.  

Taos Trulie Sandals


Sleek and elegant, Universe is an everyday sandal with a strappy design that blends modern style with total comfort. With multiple points of adjustability and a lightweight cork footbed, these wide fit sandals are so supportive that you can walk for miles. With the same silhouette and option of a wider width, Trulie features luxe leather and woven straps. As braiding is very trendy this year, these are a must-have for 2022. 

Taos Universe Z Strap Leather Sandals

Take a look at our Sandal Fit Guide to get the perfect size for your feet.

Wide Fit Boots

Tired of boots that hurt by the end of the workday? Step into fall with beautiful Crave boots that don’t squeeze your feet! Made of premium leather, these gorgeous boots are inspired by European culture and style. Along with wide width sizes, they also feature buckles and laces for maximum adjustability so that your feet and ankles are comfortable all day long.

Taos Crave Sandals

While medium shoes are the standard size option, that doesn’t mean that they are right for you. Wide feet are very common and can be caused by lots of factors from genetics to pregnancy and aging. Instead of trying to fit your feet into too-small shoes, give your feet the space they need with wide-width shoes from Taos.

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