Top 5 Best Shoes for Traveling in Europe (Cobblestone-Friendly!)

Planning a trip to Europe can be exciting. For many travelers, touring Europe means a lot of time walking the streets to take in the sights and enjoy the local culture. As enjoyable as it can be, walking through long stretches can be tough on your feet.

Beyond the amount of time you may spend on your feet, these sightseeing tours can be challenging if much of the trek is on cobblestone roads. They are common across Europe and can put your feet through an added workout. This is why finding good shoes for Europe is essential.

Sore or blistered feet could put a real damper on your travel plans–and who would want that? Whether you want stylish walking shoes for Paris, London, Copenhagen, Prague, or maybe even just the local grocery store, you need to consider comfort and support. Fortunately, Taos offers a range of styles that can be perfect for a trip to Europe.

Check out our list of the best walking shoes for travel in Europe:

Plim Soul

Both sporty and flexible, the Plim Soul is one of the best walking shoes for Europe. This stylish canvas sneaker hugs the foot in place once it is laced up, and the removable footbed provides the comfort and support you’ll need while exploring centuries-old sites under the European sun. This shoe also comes in various colors to fit any vacation wardrobe.

Taos Plim Soul Canvas Lace Up Sneakers


Perfectly designed to provide arch and metatarsal support, with the beauty of Spanish craftsmanship, the Trulie provides a blissful blend of comfort and style. Made with authentic Spanish leather, in colors that reflect the natural beauty of the sands, streets, and seas, these shoes feature sturdy cork soles with a layer of soft suede for optimal comfort. Woven hook and loop straps allow you to adjust these shoes to perfectly hug your feet, stabilizing the sole and preventing blisters, making them some of the best walking shoes for Europe.

Taos Trulie Woven Sandas

Plim Soul Lux

Whether it is in black, caramel or pink, Plim Soul Lux is a sleek leather sneaker that will serve you well in any destination. The leather on these shoes gives them that perfect stylish look whether you’re walking around Parisian streets during the day or to complete a dressier dinner outfit at night. The Active Curves & Pods® footbed will also protect your feet while spending your days walking the cobblestone roads  

Taos Plim Soul Lux Leather Lace Up Sneakers


Whether you’re looking for stylish walking shoes for Paris or comfortable shoes for busy days running errands, the Luckie is here for you. Designed to support every arch and curve of your feet, with earthy leather straps and eye-catching metal decals, the Luckie is the perfect sandal for keeping your feet happy on the go, while adding a stylish touch to your everyday look. These flat sandals with ankle straps for maximum stability will perfectly adjust to your active lifestyle, while showing your keen eye for the latest fashion trends.

Taos Luckie Cork Support Sandals

Super Soul

Super Soul is one of the top choices for a sneaker that looks and feels good on your feet. It is the ultimate European-looking sneaker, made of super-soft vintage distressed canvas with color piping and color-blocking details. Its recycled rubber fleck accents added to a thicker outsole gives an elevated look that is vacation ready! This sneaker also has the Curves & Pods® removable footbed for arch and metatarsal support and has a flexible sole for more natural movement as you walk the cobblestone roads of Madrid towards a refreshing Tinto de Verano–Salud to that!

Taos Super Soul Canvas Sneakers