Worn Out Shoes? 5 Signs It's Time To Replace Them

The active sneakers you choose are important for your comfort, for your foot and leg health, and they can help you stay motivated to keep up with your fitness routine.

For many people, what happens is that they fall in love with their walking shoes or active footwear, and then they don’t replace them soon enough. Worn out shoes don’t provide you with enough cushioning and support.

Knowing when to replace your walking shoes is important.

How Long Do Walking Shoes Last?

The 500-mile limit is a rule of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to active footwear. Most athletic shoes, whether they’re for walking or they’re an all-purpose type of sneaker, need to be replaced when they have 500 miles of use.

If you walk an average of three to four hours each week, which would be about 30 minutes a day, then you should plan to change your shoes every six months.

If you’re heavier, or you regularly walk more than that, plan to replace your shoes every three months. If you’re a runner, you’re going to put more wear-and-tear on your shoes than someone who just walks, so you should keep this in mind too. You should probably plan to replace your running shoes every three months, just to be on the safe side.

Beyond the 500-mile rule, there are other signs of when to replace shoes to be aware of:

1. Heel breakdown

The heel on your shoe is breaking down. If one shoe’s heel is more worn than the other, the shoe leans on one side. The same happens with walking shoes. As the sole tread pattern breaks down on one side, it means that it’s time to replace them.


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2. Foot Pain

If you have foot pain, even if your shoes look like they’re still in good condition, you might need to replace them. Of course, this is only relevant if the pain you’re experiencing is new and you didn’t have it before. 

3. Workouts become more painful

If your walks or workouts lead to plantar fasciitis, which is arch and heel pain, it may be due to your shoes no longer providing adequate support. If you’ve decided you are ready for a new pair of walking shoes or walking shoes, the most important thing you can do is focus on comfort and support. For example, Taos offers a variety of indoor-outdoor shoes, sneakers, and even comfortable walking sandals that fit your lifestyle and help you stay active.

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4. Cushions feeling less comfortable

You may notice that the cushion of your shoe doesn’t feel as supportive as it once did. This can be a sign that your shoes are worn out from walking, and need replacing. As you choose footwear, think about arch and heel support. Look for curves that hug your feet for the perfect fit, regardless of your shoe size or the width of your foot. You should also choose active shoes with absorbent pads. Taos has something called the Curves & Pods, which is a removable footbed in each pair of shoes for the maximum level of comfort. 

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5. Aches and pains

Are you starting to experience aches and pains after your walks or workouts that you didn’t previously? Consider the potential that your shoes are the culprit. Rotating your shoes is a good way to reduce wear and tear on a single pair. For example, have two pairs of shoes that you switch out each day. This not only reduces the wear and tear on the shoes but also lets them fully air out so that bacteria and fungus growth is reduced

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Extra Shoe Care for Your New Pair of Comfortable Walking Shoes

While you should be aware of the signs it’s time to replace your shoes, there are shoe care strategies that can help you prolong the life of your walking and active shoes.

Use a disinfectant spray on your shoes occasionally, and avoid putting your shoes in the dryer if you wash them. The dryer can break down the sole and the other materials of your shoes.

Finally, take your shoes off the right way. Untie the laces each time, rather than toeing them off. That can stretch your shoes and break down the heel.

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