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How to Wear Ankle Boots for Women Over 50

Some women feel that getting older means they no longer have as many choices when it comes to their style. This could not be further from the truth.

You don’t have to give up any style in your 50s or beyond. You can still stay on trend and in fashion at any age. With every new age comes a new opportunity to explore your style even further, and fashion for 50-year-olds is no exception.

You should be prioritizing comfort and functionality over other things, but that doesn’t mean items can’t be stylish and fashionable. When it comes to footwear, specifically ankle boots, there are plenty of options that are stylish, chic, and most importantly, comfortable.

Boots are among the most versatile and comfortable options for shoes for older women, especially as fall & winter approach. Here are some ideas for how to wear ankle boots over the age of 50 (and beyond) that will have you looking stylish and age-appropriate.

How to Style Ankle Boots for Women in their Fifties

With Jeans

Jeans never go out of style and can go with just about everything. They are a great piece of fashion for 50-year-olds as something you can wear for a wide range of occasions. They will also go with almost every kind of boot.

Skinny jeans are great when paired with knee-high boots. Boot Camp is a great choice in terms of shoes for older women. It is a beautifully crafted leather ankle boot with great arch support for added comfort from the Taos Curves & Pods® molded EVA dual-density removable footbed. Paired with dark wash skinny jeans, this outfit is a great look for women of any age. 

Taos Boot Camp Lace and Zip Up Leather Ankle Boots

A note regarding how to wear knee-high boots: Be sure that both your boots and jeans are the right size. Look for a flattering cut around the waist to accentuate your figure and create a flattering silhouette.

When wondering how to wear ankle boots with jeans, it may come as no surprise that a bootcut pair of denim is the way to go. Dillie is an excellent pair of shoes for older women and is made in luxurious suede with a faux fur lining for extra comfort and warmth. They have a modest heel, so you can feel comfortable wearing them for longer periods of time, and feature extra support from the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed. When considering how to wear booties with a pair of bootcut jeans, just throw on a sophisticated jacket that brings the whole look together. 

Taos Dillie Water-Friendly Boot

With Skirts & Dresses

You may think that boots with dresses are a bit too young for your age, but the pairing can be very refreshing for someone older when done right. Dresses will go best with a lower ankle boot like Dillie. The trendy suede bootie is a great walking shoe as well thanks to the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed.

When experimenting with how to wear booties with this type of outfit, look for a dress that hits the knee or below. Avoid anything that’s too tight. Instead, depending on the season, consider something that flows.

With Leggings

Leggings look great and let's be honest, they're one of the most comfortable fashion items for women. Whether you're stepping out for a coffee or dressing for a dinner with friends, leggings are a great choice, especially with boots. One of the best ways to style them is with chunky, oversized tops, like big knitted sweaters. You could also pair them with a tight, slim-fitting long sleeve, as long as you wear a puffy vest over the top. 

With Coats & Accessories

Longer coats tend to be more sophisticated-looking, while short jackets present create a fun, playful vibe. Complement your ankle boots with a scarf or bag in matching tones. If wearing a belt, try coordinating its color or material with your boots, pulling the outfit together.

How to Choose the Right Boots for You

Material & Quality

Boot material can make or break your appearance, not to mention, the longevity and comfort of the ankle boots themselves. Two of the most popular materials are leather and suede. Leather is durable, easy to maintain, and water-resistant when treated properly. Plus, it molds to the shape of your foot over time, improving the comfort as you wear it more. Suede, on the other hand, is softer & velvety in texture, but requires far more maintenance. And unlike leather, it easily stains and is not water-resistant.

Fit & Comfort

Style is important, of course. But boots are often written off with a standard of being uncomfortable, and we simply don't believe that should be the case. Taos boots feature supportive, removable footbeds that offer plenty of arch support and mold to the shape of your foot. 

Here are some other aspects to consider when shopping for a new pair of boots:

  • Heel height - Choose a height that you're comfortable walking and standing in for hours at a time. Block heels and kitten heels are two safe bets. 

  • Boot opening - The boot should fit snugly around your ankle. Too wide and you will lose your balance. Too narrow or tight and you'll be in pain. 

  • Inner soles and arch support - Especially if you plan on wearing your boots for extended periods, look for cushioned insoles and adequate arch support to ensure foot comfort.

Colors & Patterns

Many women think that their choice of colors, styles, and patterns narrows with age - we disagree. Though you may not wear 6" platform boots like younger women, you can still have plenty of fun with your footwear look.

You can never go wrong with neutral colors like black, brown, and tan. They're great colors that can be worn all fall, winter, and spring with a variety of outfits. For an "out there" option, consider metallic finishes, animal prints, or vibrant colors. Wherever you go, you & your boots will be the center of attention.

Overcoming Your Fashion Dilemma

Second-guessing fashion choices is a part of getting older. But it doesn't have to be; here are some tips to overcome your fashion dilemma and still rock your style: 

If you feel too edgy while wearing dark boots with buckles, soften the look with feminine pieces like a floral dress or flowy skirt. You could also swap out the boots for a gentler, neutral tone. 

Ankle boots take a bit of time to get used to, particularly if you think your legs look shorter than normal. Rest assured, they don't. But if it's bothering you, choose boots with a slight heel and pair them with a dress or skirt that is above the knee. If pants are more your style, tapered & cropped styles will show just enough skin between your boots and pants to give the illusion of length.  

Fashion for 50-year-old women doesn’t have to be bland. Learning how to wear boots and other shoes for older women can allow people of all ages to embrace new trends and fashion styles.

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