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The Best Arch Support Sandals: What To Look For & Our Selection

As temperatures start to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to outdoor events, picnics in the park, and days by the pool. After having to keep our feet warm in boots and sneakers all winter, to say we’re excited to wear spring shoes and sandals is a huge understatement. 

Luckie Taupe Sandals


If you suffer from any number of foot problems, like plantar fasciitis and bunions, then keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear just any sandal. Many sandals are flimsy and flat, with little to no arch support. In the past, you might have shied away from sandals altogether after having bad experiences with unsupportive sandals that made your feet hurt.

Our high-quality sandal collection has built-in arch support to cushion your step and protect your feet from injury or inflammation. There’s a sandal for every style and type of event, and fortunately, they are comfortable and supportive so you won’t have swollen, achy feet at the end of a day walking around in the heat. 

What To Consider When Choosing Sandals

There are a number of factors that make a pair of sandals good for your feet. At Taos, we are committed to designing shoes that not only look stylish, but protect you while you walk. You should be able to wear any pair of our sandals comfortably, even if you have an active lifestyle. Here are some important factors to consider.

  • Arch Support: Your sandals should have built-in arch support insoles that provide orthotic-level cushioning.
  • Straps: Thick straps are preferable as they hold the shoe firmly to your foot without causing any irritation. If you have weak ankles, the straps should be adjustable to provide extra ankle support.
  • Materials: The best sandals for your feet are made of high-quality materials that will be soft and flexible while also being durable. Materials like cork, leather, and rubber will be able to last a long time.
  • Weight: Particularly in the spring and summer, you don’t want to be lugging around heavy shoes. A pair of lightweight sandals is perfect for any occasion.

Best Arch Support Sandals for Spring and Summer

With so many unique styles of arch support sandals, all handcrafted in Europe, it’s hard to choose! Here are some of the most popular sandal styles making waves this season.

Comfy, Chunky Sandals

Chunky flat sandals with a thick platform are on trend at the moment, which is excellent news for anyone who has foot problems. The thicker base allows you to have more cushioning than a completely flat shoe would. For the carefree, easy slide version, try Magnificent, which would be the ideal shoe for walking to the park or hanging in your backyard. If you prefer a more boho style, then take a look at Toe Ring, which is appropriately named for its most exciting feature.

Magnficent Leather Gladiator Sandal with Cork/Latex Insole
Braided Sandals

Shoes and bags with braided details are incredibly popular right now, and we can see why. The delicate braiding adds flair to a naturally simple shoe, making them easy to dress up at night. Slide into Guru, which is designed with plenty of coverage to protect your feet. With gorgeous beading and a braided strap, Genie taps into the trend of the season with a twist that makes it stand out. As they don’t touch your big toe joint at all, these sandals are great for bunion prevention.

Taos Guru Sandals

Taos Genie Sandals
Elegant Strappy Sandals

A pair of elegant strappy sandals will never go out of style. From work to the beach to a night on the town, you will get endless use out of classically beautiful styles. For a slide that you can wear with maxi dresses, Perfect is your go-to. If you’re looking for a wedge heel with your sandal, then Trulie is the perfect fit. These high arch shoes feel dressed up without being uncomfortable. Whatever sandals you choose, let them reflect your personality and flair as you seek fun in the sun.

Taos Perfect Sandals

 Taos Trulie Sandals

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