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How To Style Sandals In Early Spring

Depending on where you live, spring weather can be chilly, warm, or in some places, hot. Many women will make their wardrobe transitions as soon as the weather starts to warm up, bringing out floral dresses, bright colors, and white jeans. However, when it comes to footwear, you might be afraid to go too bare until the weather is consistently warm. 

Truthfully, styling sandals in early spring is all about balancing warmer layers so that your feet can enjoy the benefits of being free. If you’re wondering how to wear sandals in early spring, keep reading! We’ve created a round up of our favorite styling tips so you can get the most wear out of your sandals.

Cheer Up with Florals

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But, hear us out. Many early spring days won’t be warm enough for overly summer outfits, but you can still embrace the season by wearing clothing with cheerful prints. A floral top with a pair of jeans and a classic pair of spring shoes will give you that seasonal feeling without leaving you exposed to the cold. Sandals like Gift 2 are your best bet as they provide more coverage of the foot than a thin, strappy sandal would.

Taos Gift 2 Sandals

Wear Pretty Sandals with a Long White Dress

Going somewhere nice this spring? Whether it’s a dinner al fresco or an outdoor jazz concert, it’s fun to dress your sandals up with a flowy white mid-length or maxi dress. The important thing to remember is to choose a dress with long sleeves or bring a denim jacket so that if the weather turns a bit chilly at night, you’ll be prepared. A pretty pair of beaded women’s spring sandals like Genie will complement your spring dress perfectly.

Taos Genie Sandals

Stay Neutral in Tan, White, and Khaki Green

Now is the perfect time to transition out of your dark wintry clothes and into some bright neutrals like white, tan, and khaki green. A classic pair of tan leather spring sandals like Grand Z can be worn with so many outfits, making these ideal if you are minimizing your wardrobe or traveling this spring. They are designed with a cork footbed that makes them extra comfortable and supportive for walking. Classic and carefree, neutral hues make getting dressed a breeze in both the spring and summer.

Taos Grand Z Leather Cork Support Sandal

Rock a Jumpsuit

Especially when you are working from home, you’ll want to be comfy this spring without looking like you’re wearing your pajamas. Trendy jumpsuits are not only easy to put on the morning, but they are extra comfy and stylish, too! When you run out to the mailbox or the store, a pair of chunky slides like Tremendous will give your loungewear extra style. While playful, this look is actually nice enough to wear to grab a drink with a friend, too.

Taos Tremendous Sandal

Styling podiatrist women's shoes isn’t difficult when you have sandals that look good with everything. At Taos, we’re committed to making shoes that not only feel amazing, but also look good as well. You might need to worry about bunion prevention, but no one seeing your cute spring footwear would ever know that. Comfort is our sandals’ secret sauce because we want you to enjoy wearing them from early spring to summer and beyond.

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