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Ankle Support: 5 Features To Look For

For Achilles, it was the heel.

For you, it’s the ankle. 

Weak ankles are not only frustrating, they can also be dangerous if not properly supported. Rolling your ankles through overpronation or supination can cause acute and chronic injuries, from sprains to stress fractures. Plus, if you are constantly putting pressure on the wrong part of your foot because of your weak ankles, it can start to negatively impact joints like the knee and hip. Besides doing exercises to strengthen your weak ankles, wearing proper footwear is essential to keep your ankles in a safe and balanced alignment.

Main Causes of Weak Ankles

  • Chronic Ankle Instability: Typically, this arises after you sprain your ankle and it never fully heals or heals incorrectly.
  • Osteoarthritis: This progressive condition involves the breakdown of cartilage, which causes ankles to weaken.
  • Flat Feet: People with flat feet or fallen arches can experience weak ankles, ankle stiffness, or pain.
  • High Arches: It is common to have weaker ankles when you have very high arches, which is part of why arch support is so important in your footwear.
  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: If you have neuropathy from diabetes, you may experience a loss of coordination and weakening of your ankles.

Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Shopping for ankle support shoes? Here are the most important features to look for.

Adjustable Fit

It is particularly important when you have weak ankles that your feet aren’t sliding around in your shoes. Your shoes should fit snugly without being too tight to provide as much stability as possible. Shoes with adjustable features, like sneakers with laces, boots with buckles, and sandals with velcro allow you to tighten your shoe to fit your foot. Our Plim Soul Lux leather sneakers and Escape sandals are ideal for people with weak ankles.

Taos Escape Sandal

 Taos Plim Soul Lux Sneakers

Secure Back

On a similar note, make sure that your shoes for everyday wear have backs that are closed so that your ankle has full 360 degree support. Open back shoes like flip-flops or clogs do not provide the same level of security that active shoes or boots do. Ankle support shoes like high top Winner sneakers are practical for city streets and summer activities. Not to mention, they’re good looking!

Taos Winner High Top Sneaker

Low Heel

While a high heel is the worst for wobbly ankles, a completely flat shoe isn’t ideal either, especially if you also suffer from flat feet. A low heel or rocker is the sweet spot for ankle support. You can enjoy stylish everyday shoes, like Direction that also work to support your weak ankles.

Taos Direction Sneakers


Wide Toe Box

When your toes are squeezed by a pointy-toed shoe, it can affect your comfort level as well as the balance of your foot. In turn, your weak ankles will become more susceptible to injury. Instead, provide your feet with a wide toe box that will allow your toes to lay flat. If you’re wondering how to treat bunions as well as flat feet, choose shoes with a square box.


Orthotic Insoles

As with any common foot problems, orthopedic shoes with high-quality insoles that mold to your foot will serve to stabilize and cushion your step. While orthotic-level shoes often get the reputation of being unattractive, Taos breaks the mold with shoes that are supportive and stylish at the same time. For the sidewalks or the trails, classic canvas sneakers like Star are the best shoes for ankle support when walking. The removable Curves and Pods footbeds provide excellent shock absorption to protect your joints from excess strain so that you can keep enjoying your active lifestyle.

Taos Star Canvas Sneakers

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