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High Arch Shoes Must-have Features For Ultimate Arch Support

If you have high arches, you know that the weight of your foot falls on the ball and the heel more than anywhere else. High arches are relatively common, but if you have them, they do require some special attention to make sure that your feet are properly supported. Specifically, high arch support shoes with insoles that form to your foot are required to avoid injury or the possibility of falling arches.

Wondering what the ideal high arch support shoes are? When it comes to footwear, there are plenty of options to protect your feet and keep your high arches supported throughout your daily life. Here are some of our favorite picks for high-arched feet.

Sneakers with Foam Insoles

For most feet, including those with high arches, sneakers are a solid option that offer comfort without looking like stereotypical podiatrist women’s shoes. All shoes in Taos’ active footwear collection are made with orthotic-level insoles which provide high arch support. Shoes like a low-key, yet stylish pair of Star Burst canvas sneakers come equipped with built-in Curves and Pods premium removable footbeds that distribute pressure along all points of the foot to soften your gait and reduce strain. From the house to the park and even further afield, a pair of comfy canvas sneakers is a go-to shoe for people looking for high arch support shoes.


Supportive Sandals

When it comes to sandals, someone who needs high arch shoes needs to be discerning. There are lots of flimsy and flat sandals on the market that will do nothing to support your feet. Take care to choose sandals that have a footbed that forms to your feet so that you can enjoy your beach vacation in peace. Leather strap sandals like Trophy 2 provide all the stability and support you need to keep your arches in check. They are also stylish and can be worn with jeans, shorts, or skirts in the summer.

Taos Trophy 2 Sandals


Cork Wedges

We know you want to dress up, but stay away from high heels! As someone with high arches, you are more susceptible to developing bunions than people with average arches. High heels not only lack support, but they also put extra pressure on the big toe joint, which can lead to bunions. Instead, look for a stylish wedge, like Sheila 2 for bunion prevention and high arch support. Women’s shoes like wedges with a soft footbed are some of the best high arch shoes because they mold to your entire foot without sacrificing style. Cork is the ideal material for wedge shoes because it acts like foam by molding to the shape of your foot.

Taos Sheila Leather T Strap Wedge Sandals

Flats with Arch Support

While you should avoid flat shoes for the most part, there is still a way to wear flats if you have high arches. The trick? It comes down to finding orthopedic shoes with built-in arch support. Taos is dedicated to the creation of shoes that not only look good but provide orthotic-level comfort as well. Shoes like Rubber Soul or Court still provide plenty of arch support through the built-in footbed, even though the shoe has a flat outsole. Be sure to give your new high arch shoes a 10-minute walk around the store before keeping them forever. If the insole isn’t touching every part of the bottom of your foot, you might need custom orthotics or a different pair of shoes.

 Taos Rubber Soul White Sneakers


Taos Court White Sneaker
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