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Reasons Why Slip-On Shoes Should Be Your Go-to For Everyday Errands

Rushing out the door often? We know the feeling. Simplifying your life when you’re really busy is one of the best ways to reduce stress, even if you just make small changes. Having stylish slip-on shoes at the ready might only cut out a minute of your time that would have been wasted tying or buckling, but you’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation in the long run.

Everyone needs at least one pair of slip-on shoes in their closet. They make life easier, plain and simple. When you’re at the beach, heading to a yoga class, or standing in line at TSA, a pair of easy-on, easy-off shoes is a must. From clogs to slip-on sneakers, there are infinite possibilities of styles that range from stay-at-home casual to dressy.

Discover some of the best everyday slip on shoes for women below.

Slip-On Sneakers

When you’re doing a lot of hiking or running, a pair of sneakers with laces is necessary to keep your shoe securely on your foot. However, for everyday errands, walking around town, or meeting up with friends, a pair of slip-on sneakers will be your go-to. If you are looking for a more casual, urban style to go with a pair of distressed jeans, you can’t go wrong with Rubber Soul, which comes in four solid colors as well as a daisy print. With a more slim silhouette, Dandy looks great with a skirt, dress, or lightweight pants. Finally, if you want a more dressy slip-on shoe, our Court sneakers with a perforated leather upper are infinitely more stylish than your average pair of sneakers.

Taos Rubber Soul Canvas Sneakers

Taos Dandy Canvas Slip On Sneakers


Taos Court Slip On Sneakers

You might think of clogs as a more fall/winter shoe, but depending on the material, they are actually perfect for the summer as well. A pair of lightweight wool clogs, like Wool Do can act as slippers at home or slip on shoes to run errands. Wool has natural climate control, so it will actually keep your feet cool despite warm temperatures outside. When you head inside, you won’t get cold feet from the blasting AC. Wool indoor/outdoor clogs are a favorite for all season wear, with or without socks.

Taos Wool Do Clogs

Of course, nothing says summer like the ease of a pair of slip-on sandals. Chunky women’s slip on shoes like Magnificent are on trend at the moment as more women prioritize comfort in footwear. This style looks particularly good with casual summer shorts outfits. If you’re looking for more of a flip-flop style, try Gift 2 sandals, which slide on, but have more fabric to keep your foot secure and supported. If you are practicing bunion prevention, you might prefer a more open sandal like Genie, which won’t aggravate your bunions as a closed-toe style would. Whether you’re taking a trip to the grocery store or a tropical vacation, our best slip-on shoes and sandals make getting dressed a breeze.

Taos Magnificent Leather Gladiator Sandals with Cork/Latex Insoles

Taos Gift 2 Sandals

Taos Genie Sandals

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