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The Clog Designed As A Foot-Healthy Choice

With the start of the new year, many people are setting a goal or resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle. That might mean going to the gym more often or cutting back on sweets and fried foods. However, take a moment to do a full body scan -- there’s more to being healthy than exercise and dieting!

For example, when was the last time you thought about your footwear? The pressure of daily activities like exercising or walking around a big city can take a toll on your feet, if not now then likely at some point. While our feet are often the last thing on our minds while we go about our daily lives, making smart shoe decisions is essential to avoid injury -- chronic and acute.

Why Clogs are Healthy For Your Feet

While you may or may not be able to wear them to work, clogs with arch support are an excellent choice for protecting your feet while doing everyday tasks around the house or outside. Taos indoor outdoor clogs for women are designed with cushioning, support, softness, durability, and of course, style in mind. Here are some of the common foot problems and conditions that clogs can help with:

-Plantar Fasciitis
-Heel Spurs
-Ingrown Toenails

Clogs are Great for Comfort

When it comes to comfort, clogs can’t be beat! As slippers that function as shoes, clogs are the softest footwear you’ll find. Taos clogs like our popular Woollery are made of wool, a naturally antimicrobial, sweat-wicking material that will keep your toes cozy without trapping heat. The other benefit of wool clogs is that they stretch to accommodate your feet. 

Taos Woollery Clogs

There’s no need to wonder, “How should clogs fit?” True to size, our clogs will conform to the shape of your foot, rather than the other way around. The wool provides a flexible protective barrier without adding pressure to your toes or joints, which means that you will avoid common foot conditions such as corns, blisters, and bunions. If you already have these common foot problems, we suggest sliding on a comfy pair of wool clogs right away! These shoes for foot problems are the key to preventing more common foot issues.

Taos Clogs Offer Superior Support

The support built into every pair of Taos indoor-outdoor shoes comes from the orthotic-level removable footbed and natural cork midsole. Our Curves and Pods Premium Removable Footbed hugs your arches so every part of your foot gets equal support. If you have specific foot issues, you may also switch out our footbeds with your own custom-made orthotics. 

Underneath the footbed, the midsole is made of natural cork and rubber that is elastic and buoyant to provide shock absorption while you walk. Besides being supportive shoes, cork footbed shoes are also water-resistant, making them a durable choice for all weather.

Taos Wool Clogs are Made for Durability

While comfort and support are important, you also want your shoes to last. Shoes that fall apart after a few years are clearly not going to be good for your foot health. You might be surprised to learn that while wool is a soft material, it’s actually very hardwearing and water-resistant. With a strong, yet flexible rubber outsole, you can stroll for miles in your clogs without ruining them!

Whether you’re chilling at home in comfy loungewear for women, or running errands around town, our clogs for women will support your feet and keep them safe. Low maintenance and stylish, our cork sole clogs are a must for the preventative care of your feet. Start the new year on the right foot with a new pair of Taos clogs!

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