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How to Find the Best Shoes for Your Specific Foot Shape to Avoid Pain

Everyone’s feet are different. Some are flatter, wider, bigger, longer, and so on. Some people need more support than others.

Since no two feet are made the same (even if they’re your own feet!), shoes should not be evaluated the same way either. There are a variety of issues that can be helped by the best shoes for problematic feet. It is just a matter of knowing what you need for your specific feet and the shoes that fit best.

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Bunions and Flat Feet

Bunions are large, bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe. They can cause extreme discomfort, to the point that it may hurt to walk. Luckily, in addition to other non-surgical options for relief, there are shoes for a problem foot like this that can help.

The best shoes for bunions have a closed toe with a wide toe box. This means they are wide where your bunions are located.

You will also want the best shoes for foot pain to address both bunions and flat feet. So, look for a pair with excellent arch support so that they can take pressure off of your bunions. Keep in mind, too, it is important that good shoes for foot pain are made out of a giving material, so they're not being too tight or strain your feet.

The Plim Soul is one of the best shoes for bunions and flat feet as it not only fulfills the criteria of closed toe with plenty of toe box space, but also provides unrivaled arch support and comfort, it also has lace up adjustability for accommodating a near custom fit. The Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed, combined with the metatarsal and arch supports allow you to forget about your bunions, and go about your day in comfort and style.

Taos Plim Soul Lace Up Canvas Sneaker

Finding the Best-fitting Shoes for High Arches

Cavus foot is a condition where your foot has a considerably high arch. This can lead to pain and instability because the shape of the foot forces a lot of weight to be placed on the ball and heel of the foot.

High arches can also cause plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot. In particular the heel is affected, and this malady can result in foot and leg pain.

If you have arch pain, the easiest solution is finding the right kind of shoes for a problem foot like this. The best fitting shoes for high arches are ones that have a rubber heel and extra cushion, like running sneakers. However, if you don’t think your running sneakers look good with every outfit, you can get a pair of fashionable yet comfortable sneakers, like the Moc Star. Now these are among the best sneakers for foot pain in more styles than ever, these are among the best sneakers for foot pain. They comes with the Curves & Pods® removable footbed with Soft Support™, providing the cushion you need when looking for the best-fitting shoes for high arches.

Taos Moc Star Active Fashion Sneakers

Opt for the Best Sandals for Wide, Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as per planes or fallen arches, refers to when the entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing. It happens when the foot collapses, usually due to weight gain or pregnancy. Although, it can also occur during childhood, after an injury or just from age.

Flat feet can cause your feet to become swollen and can result in back, knee, and leg pain. The best shoes for problematic feet like these are usually closed toe shoes that can prevent the widening of feet that comes with flat feet. However, you can also opt for an open-toed pair with the best sandals for wide, flat feet that offer structure and support.

A heeled, open-toe shoe in this case is likely the best sandal for wide, flat feet as it offers more structure than a flip-flop or flat sandal. The Carousel 3 ensures you never sacrifice comfort for style when shopping for shoes that support flat feet. The wedged heel and cork footbed provides the ultimate shock absorption and support, while the adjustable straps let you enjoy a custom fit, regardless of your foot shape.

Taos Carousel 3 Leather Cork Wedge Sandals

Get A Pair of Women’s Wide-Width Shoes for Your Problem Feet

People may not know this, but wide feet can also cause foot pain. With the wrong type of shoes, people with wide feet can experience a lot of pain, and they may not even know why. It is beneficial to get your feet measured to see if you need women’s wide with shoes for problem feet.

The best sneakers for foot pain resulting from wide feet will offer a comfortable amount of room in the middle of the foot. Meanwhile, high heels are often narrow, so people with wide feet will want to look for wide, stabilizing heels.

Women’s wide width shoes should have a wide, round shape around the toe and a low heel (if a heeled shoe versus a sneaker). One of the best shoes for foot pain is Star. It comes in a variety of wide sizes so you can be sure to find the best pair of wide-width shoes for your problematic feet, no matter their size. These shoes also have the Curves & Pods® polyurethane removable footbed with Soft Support™ to keep your feet comfortable and supported all day long.

Finding good shoes for foot pain doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it mean sacrificing style. There are plenty of the best fitting shoes for high arches, best shoes for bunions, and more to keep you looking fashionable while feeling great all day and night.

Taos Star Canvas Lace Up Sneaker