6 Most Fashionable Shoes for Bunions for Every Occasion

There are many reasons why choosing the right footwear is important. The shoes you wear don’t simply contribute to your style; they can also affect your overall comfort, health, and appearance. One of the most common foot problems is bunions. You’re probably familiar with bunions and the telltale discomfort they can cause: Stiffness in the big toe and excess pressure to the other toes. If you consistently wear shoes that are too tight, you can both develop bunions and worsen existing ones. Eventually, this can make something as simple as walking more challenging.

Choosing the right footwear is even more important. The best shoes for bunions can both prevent new ones from forming and treat any existing discomfort. The wrong footwear, meanwhile, can irritate your bunions and exacerbate the pain.

Just knowing you need to wear the right shoes doesn’t mean you actually know what to look for in bunion booties or sandals. Luckily here at Taos, we offer a wide variety of options, from comfortable leather boots to sandals that hide bunions. Our styles help you avoid discomfort while staying as fashionable as ever.

What Determines the Best Shoes for Bunions?

Your main goal when choosing a bunion boot or other type of footwear for bunions is to select an option that has extra space around the toes. In general, the heel should also be relatively low most of the time.

It’s worth noting that you may want to discuss this topic further with a podiatrist. If you have bunions, you should be coordinating with one anyway, ensuring you’re getting all necessary treatment. They can also examine your bunions and help you better understand what qualities to look for in footwear.

All that said, while your comfort and health are your top priority, you also have to remember that fashionable shoes and bunions should be practical. You’ll want a versatile pair that’s both stylish and easy to wear so you never have to decide between painful feet and looking great. Again, not to worry! Taos makes finding the best shoes for bunions easy.

Fashionable Shoes for Bunions

You should be proud of your fashion sense. The clothes you wear tell the world more about yourself than words alone ever could. So, you shouldn’t feel you need to sacrifice style in favor of comfort when you have bunions. It’s possible to have both!

Consider our Twin Gore Lux leather shoes. The classic design also makes these a perfect, stylish option when you need extra space for bunions. These stylish shoes can be worn to work, at dressy dinners, and on plenty of other occasions.

Taos Twin Gore Lux Rubber Slip On Sneakers

Of course, there are also instances when you need a basic walking shoe for day-to-day life. The large toe box of our Plim Soul sneaker is one of the features that make these among the best shoes for bunions. Let’s not forget the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed, too, which provides incredible arch and metatarsal support.

taos plim soul

Comfortable Leather Boots for Bunions

Finding the best boots for bunions doesn’t need to be a chore. On the contrary, it can be fun to find the pair that suit your style and become an essential part of your shoe wardrobe.

Check out our Crave boot. This stylish, Portuguese-made shoe is a gorgeous option and features the Taos Soft Support™ premium dual density removable footbed. It looks and feels so great that you might forget you’re buying it as a bunion boot! The rounded toe shape and comfortable interior are practically an added bonus.

Taos Crave Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of boots for bunions that are more water-resistant, Dillie is also an option worth considering. These suede shoes allows your feet to stretch the material, making more space, while the Taos Soft Support™ keep your feet supported and comfortable all day long. Remember to also protect your leather bunion booties and shoes from inclement weather with our Waterproof Protector spray. Use this to create a protective layer around your footwear that keeps dirt and water on the surface, letting you just wipe it all away.

Taos Dillie Suede Block Heel Ankle Boots

The Best Sandals for Bunion Feet

It’s no secret that many people with bunions want to do their best to hide them. This can be difficult when wearing sandals. Sandals typically give your bunions nowhere to hide.

Luckily, you have options if you’re looking for sandals that hide bunions. Carousel 3 is one to keep in mind. These fashionable leather sandals for bunions are made in Portugal and feature a padded footbed that provides your feet with the support they need to keep you comfortable. Perhaps more importantly, the strap is large enough to conceal bunions easily. Should you be in the mood for a bunion sandal without a heel, try Gift 2. These have Cool Recovery Foam® to keep feet cool even in the hottest months, along with arch and metatarsal support. Meanwhile, they’re a great option for sandals that hide bunions thanks to the wide and stylish hand-stitched scrunch leather pleating.

Taos Carousel 3 Wedge Sandals

Having bunions can be a frustrating and painful condition. However, you don’t need to walk around in discomfort. You also don’t need to worry about your choice of footwear making your bunions worse. Our collection of fashionable shoes for bunions make sure that no matter what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect pair that never have you sacrifice comfort for style.

taos gift 2 sandals