Wide Width Footwear

Women’s feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and many of us with wide feet struggle to find stylish and comfy wide width shoes. Luckily for those with wide feet, retailers are becoming more aware of the plight of women with a wide shoe size and have been making appropriate accommodations, from cute wide width booties to fashionable flats. While the selection isn’t perfect for every brand yet, you can still get the shoes you want at Taos.

Not only does Taos provide a selection of stylish shoes in a variety of widths, we pride ourselves on our promise to provide supportive footwear. All of our wide width shoes are designed to alleviate the toll that standing and walking takes on your feet. Using our SOFT SUPPORT technology and patented soles pods, our wide width shoes provide comfort all day and all night. In fact, our shoes are the best choice if you spend hours standing on your feet or walking.

Don’t compromise by choosing discomfort and style over supportive wide width shoes or picking a pair you don’t like because of their wide width support. Taos offers a range of stylish wide width sneakers, sandals, and boots.