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Best Shoe for Wide Feet: A Guide to Finding the Best Wide Width Shoe

While a shoe might be your size, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a perfect fit. Not only is every foot different, but shoes aren’t all made exactly true to size. When trying on shoes at the store, it’s essential that you consider both the length and the width of your feet. Many people get confused on these two measurements and mistakenly think a shoe size is too small when it is actually too narrow. 

If you have a naturally wider foot, it’ll be a bit harder to find shoes that feel 100% comfortable. Don’t give up -- your foot health is worth the effort! Too narrow shoes are not only uncomfortable, they’re also likely going to give you blisters or cause chronic foot problems. Instead, look to brands like Taos that offer premium shoes for wide feet so that you enjoy looking stylish without compromising comfort. 

Anyone can benefit from trying out some of the tips below to get the best shoes for wide feet.

1. Get Professionally Measured

With wide feet, you should start by getting your feet measured by a professional so that you know exactly how wide your shoes need to be. Instead of looking at the number and letter of a shoe size, compare your actual measurements to that of the shoe. Medium and wide width sizes can differ from shoe to shoe, so trying on the shoes is a must! 

2. Look for Adjustable Features

In addition to having shoes for wide feet, it’s great if the shoe has adjustable features. From laces to buckles or velcro straps, having the option to loosen your shoes when your feet start to swell is healthier and more comfortable for your feet. Many Taos shoes, like Crave, come with two adjustable features so that you can both loosen your shoes and not have to readjust every time you take them on and off. 

3. Opt for Removable Insoles

Shoes for wide feet with removable insoles give you the flexibility of being able to remove them if your shoes feel too tight. Different styles of Taos sneakers and boots come in wide fits while also having premium removable insoles that provide orthotic level support. You can remove the insoles entirely or replace them with custom fit orthotic insoles.

4. Look for Round Toe Boxes

Round toe boxes provide more width in general than pointy-toe shoes, which can cause pinching that leads to bunions. Before even trying on a shoe, consider the shape and avoid the ones with the pointy toes. A rounded-toe shoe like Habit will protect your feet without being constricting.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet

Star: Sneakers are a must-have for walking, but canvas sneakers that are restrictive won’t be ideal shoes for wide feet. These sneakers with a classic silhouette will go with every outfit in your closet so you don’t need to think twice before slipping them on.

Trulie: Made with beautiful braided straps, there is no compromising on style or comfort with these wide fit sandals. Their European flair brings style to your day, whether you’re on vacation or relaxing on your back porch.

Winner: This sneaker boot is made for wide feet with lace up adjustability as well as a zipper for easy on and off. You can even experiment with how you tie your laces and leave them that way for a week or two without needing to readjust.

Crave: Finding boots that are wide enough and fashion-forward isn’t easy. That’s why we started making a wide width option in our bestselling Crave boot. Crafted in Portugal with premium leather and a faux fur lining, Crave boots will take you through fall and winter in style.


When you have wide feet, high arches, or flat feet, you’ll have to consider more factors than just the regular shoe size. Finding the perfect wide foot shoes can be a challenge, but Taos makes it easy. With shoes that accomodate all areas of your foot, from your heel to your toes, you’ll be fully supported on all your adventures. Make sure to take all of this advice into consideration so that you can choose the best shoes for wide feet.