Wide Width Sneakers

Step Up Your Comfort in Sneakers that Fit


We all have different foot sizes and shapes, yet so many women struggle to find shoes that are wide enough. Step by step, we’re working to change this by making beautifully wide sneakers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Our sneakers come with multiple options for width so that no matter what your foot size is, we've got a perfect pair just for you. 

Extra Wiggle Room - Can’t bear the feeling of being squeezed into a shoe? You shouldn’t have to! Taos
wide-width sneakers leave a little space on the sides of your feet so that you can walk or stand for hours without discomfort. 

Ultra Comfortable - Sneakers are already known for being a comfortable shoe, but we take that to the next level with orthotic footbeds that are lightweight and foot-friendly. Walk a mile in sneakers that actually support your feet, and you’ll quickly realize the Taos difference. These are some of the best walking shoes for wide feet you’ll find.

Choose Your Adventure - We care about both form and function when it comes to our wide-width sneakers. Explore a range of gorgeous colors and styles, from tropical canvas prints to sleek leather. When it comes to our sneakers, there's no limit on style!

Versatility - Sneakers go with everything in your closet, right? Reach for a pair of our kicks for a night out on the town or a weekend trip in the mountains – they’ll become your go-to pair for all events, all year long.

Long Live the Sneaker - When the highest quality upper materials like leather, hemp, and canvas are paired with thick rubber soles, you get one sturdy shoe! Our wide-width sneakers for women are always reliable because we want you to wander wherever your heart leads you without your shoes falling apart.