How to Style a Cute Outfit Wearing Combat Boots

Out of all the boots in your closet, a classic pair of combat boots is definitely a go-to when it comes to versatility and comfort. A pair of long-lasting, stylish combat boots that don’t squish your toes are a must in every woman’s closet.

If you’re wondering how to style combat boots, the trick is to make bold, confident choices. These are attention-grabbing boots with a big attitude, so holding back is not an option. Get ready to pound the pavement in style with these cute combat boots outfit ideas!

How to Wear Combat Boots With All Black Everything

If you are ever at a serious loss for what to wear, we suggest you keep it simple with a monochromatic black outfit. Black is slimming, looks great on everyone, and gives you a chic vibe that is perfectly complemented by a pair of women’s lace up boots.

Try wearing our Crave combat boots with skinny black jeans, a black top, and a black military jacket for a look that won’t back down. If you’re really longing for some color, mix things up with a pair of red or blue combat boots that will add that eye-catching pop.

taos crave

Opposites Attract: Combat Boots With Flowy Dresses

A big question for many is how to wear combat boots with dresses. While it seems tricky, there are about a zillion reasons why we love pairing a tough mudder like Crave with a pretty floral dress. 

For one, the contrast between the girly dress and tough combat boots will win you major style points. Even more importantly, you can wear this pulled-together, yet edgy look anywhere without having to worry about the weather, wet grass, or sinking heels.

This combat boots outfit is romantic and playful, but also practical. Our Crave combat boots are made from hardy leather, feature the softest faux fur lining, and have our Taos Soft Support™ removable footbed for the ultimate combination of comfort, functionality, and style. For days when it is colder, you can always wear combats with dresses by throwing on a leather jacket or overcoat to complete the look and keep you warm.

Enjoy Dressed-Down Weekends in Ripped Skinny Jeans and a Plaid Shirt

For weekends relaxing with pals, try a no-fuss comfy outfit like a red plaid shirt, ripped black skinny jeans, and weather-proof combat boots. You can tuck your skinnies into your boots for a seamless look – Tall Crave looks especially good with this outfit as an edgier take on a riding boot. Styling combat boots this way makes for the perfect outfit for traveling, movie nights, and even a casual cold-weather coffee date.

taos tall crave

Make a Statement and Wear Combat Boots With Jeans, a Blousy Top, and a Trendy Coat

Create a style statement with the laid-back cool combination of a delicate blousy top, classic jeans, a statement coat, and a wide-brimmed hat. A fuzzy teddy coat is very ‘of the moment’, and will keep you as comfortable and warm on top as those Crave combat boots you’re rocking do on your feet. This is a way to style combat boots that are anything but basic! We’d even go so far as to say it’s a fave among influencers.

Hopefully, you now have the inspiration on how to wear combat boots with just about anything. From ripped jeans to floral dresses, our Crave and Tall Crave boots go the extra mile in terms of durability, comfort, and style. Styled a look you love? Be sure to share your combat boots outfit with us by tagging your photos on Instagram with #Taosfamily #TaosAmbassador. 

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