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5 Tips For Styling Your Orthopedic Shoes To Still Be Fashionable

It’s 2022 and we should be able to find ways to look amazing without sacrificing our health in the process. Orthopedic shoes get a bad rap, but there are plenty of new, innovative footwear companies out there who are creating shoes that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Beyond this, you can always use your own styling creativity to make the most of your flat shoes, even if you would prefer to be wearing heels.

If you suffer from any of the most common foot problems, there’s no question that you should make the switch to orthopedic shoes for women. However, you can still say no to grandma shoes! Here are our top five tips for how to dress in style with orthopedic shoes.

1. Match a Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look is a full mood and the best part is, it’s easy to create. Start with your favorite black tee, add a pair of black cropped pants and some black slip-on sneakers like Court, and suddenly you’re looking very city chic. Monochromatic outfits are the simplest to create with neutral tones like black, white, and tan, but if you want to get creative with shades of emerald or light blue, then go for it!

Taos Court Sneakers

2. Let Your Shoes Be a Pop of Color

Sometimes the best way to handle the fear of orthopedic shoes is to fully embrace them. Don’t hide your feet, let them shine! A brightly colored pair of shoes, like Crave boots in garnet rugged, can provide that pop of excitement in your outfit, which can otherwise be neutral-toned. If you want to put your confidence on full display, a swipe of red lipstick to match your boots will do the trick.

Taos Crave Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots
3. Show Some Skin

One way to keep your orthopedic kicks looking current is to separate them from the rest of your outfit. This can be as extreme as wearing a mini skirt with a pair of Mary Janes, or as subtle as a pair of ankle jeans with slip-on sneakers like Ez Soul. Giving your shoes some space to breathe from the rest of your outfit allows you to be creative with what you are wearing on top. A lot of matching isn’t necessary, you can even wear active footwear with a floral dress if you like!

Taos EZ Soul Grey Wash Canvas Sneaker
4. Take Inspiration from Menswear

Many orthopedic favorites, from brogues to comfortable walking sandals, pair nicely with menswear-inspired clothing. For orthopedic dress shoes like Work It, try a pair of jeans and a blazer or a solid color pantsuit for power dressing. Chunky sandals like Magnificent are in style this year, so pair yours with a flowy white oversized top, a baseball cap, and shorts for the perfect off-duty summer style.

Taos Work It Black Oxford Shoes

Taos Magnificent Leather Gladiator Sandals with Cork/Latex Insole
5. Keep it Cozy

You’re prioritizing your feet when you choose women’s orthopedic shoes, so why not go full out by making your whole body feel good in cozy loungewear? Comfort and sloppiness are not the same things. A matching knit tank and lounge pants go perfectly with orthopedic clogs. While wool clogs like Woollery can be worn as indoor slippers, you can also wear them outside as the durable rubber sole is suited for all surfaces.

Taos Woollery Clogs

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