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Hemp Shoes: The Future Of Sustainable Sneakers

At Taos, we’re on a mission to create the comfiest, most supportive shoes around. While we’re out trekking the globe, we don’t want to leave a large footprint behind, which is why we are investing in eco-friendly materials that protect your feet as well as the planet. We can’t sit back and do nothing while the planet’s health is at risk. Sustainable footwear is the way of the future, with natural materials like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton offering sustainable and affordable solutions to plastics.

Why Hemp?

There are many reasons why companies are turning to hemp as a material for clothing, bath products, rope, food, and medicine. Hemp is a better air purifier than trees, absorbing 1.63 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere for every tonne of hemp produced. It is able to absorb toxins from the environment and is incredibly resilient with strong roots that protect the soil from erosion. You don’t even need to water this plant as it irrigates itself! The material is biodegradable as well as compostable so it doesn’t leave a trace, unlike microplastics which stick around for centuries

Here are the main reasons to love hemp footwear!


With a tensile strength that is five times greater than cotton, hemp is a very durable material, often jokingly referred to as “bulletproof.” While cotton canvas has its benefits as well, hemp shoes like Star in Adobe Hemp are an excellent choice if you plan to do activities that are very hard on your sneakers, like skateboarding. Hemp holds its shape very well, so you won’t see wrinkles like linen, even though hemp’s appearance otherwise is similar to linen. You’ll be able to wear your spring shoes into the summer and beyond as they are long-lasting and versatile through every season.


Like cotton or linen, hemp is a wonderfully comfortable fabric that often gets a bad rap. While some versions can be stiff at first, hemp can be made into fabric as soft as silk if that is the goal. Hemp is a naturally temperature regulating material that is breathable and lightweight in the warmer weather and insulating when it gets cold. If you are worried about your feet getting rubbed by your shoes, a pair of hemp sneakers is a great solution. Our hemp sneakers are some of the best shoes for bunion prevention as they stretch with your foot. 


The hemp plant is antimicrobial and nearly impervious to pests, so no chemicals or pesticides are needed to protect it or help it grow. While this is good news for the environment, it’s also great for your feet. Shoes like Star in Natural Hemp won’t allow bacteria and odor to flourish, so your feet stay fresh after a day of walking. When you do decide to wash your hemp sneakers, you can simply spot clean them and lay flat to dry.

Naturally UV Resistant

Ever get a sunburn on your feet? It’s not fun. One of the most incredible properties of hemp is that it is the only fabric that is naturally UV resistant. A pair of hemp shoes, like Star in Blue Fog Hemp block your skin completely from the most harmful rays of the sun without chemicals or the use of sunblock. 

Star Blue Fog Hemp Lace Up Sneakers

One Step Towards a Better World

We all want to make our world a better place, but it’s often overwhelming to think about how many things need fixing. Instead of getting bogged down by all the data, start with everyday tasks and purchases that you already need to make and choose eco-friendly alternatives. Wearing a pair of our sustainable sneakers, sandals, slip on shoes, or clogs is a small step, but it’s one that we can all do together without sacrificing a thing. In fact, we’re sure you’ll love your sustainable shoes so much that they’ll become a closet staple. Be sure to check out the many ways to lace sneakers for when you’re feeling like your shoes need a style refresh. 

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