How to Work Your Way Back into a More Active Lifestyle

Many of us have been forced to slow down under Covid-19 lockdown, switching into a less active lifestyle of staying at home 24/7. As things start to re-open, we’re all thinking about how to get active. While doing your old exercise routine is a great goal, be easy on yourself for the first few weeks. Follow these small steps everyday and you will be well on your way to a more healthy and active lifestyle.


Find an Activity You Enjoy

First things first, find a form of movement that doesn’t feel like work and start with that! If you’re wondering how to be more active, there are plenty of fun ways to stay active that don’t involve a treadmill or other fancy equipment. Both for your physical and mental health, you can reap the benefits of walking, even if it’s just around the block. Other fun activities to be active include swimming, biking, roller skating, and dancing. With the right pair of women’s active shoes, the world is your oyster

Take Things Slow

To avoid injury and burnout, it’s important to take things slow rather than jumping back into your old routine right away. If you get in over your head, you’ll likely have to stop, which will make you feel defeated. Instead, exercise at a slower pace as you build up strength and endurance. If you haven’t exercised at all in a long time, start with being a little bit more active every other day. Wearing a pair of stylish women’s active shoes is just the support you need to feel great on your daily walk. Easy slide-on sneakers like Rubber Soul are a go-to for everyday wear.

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Take Care of Your Body (and Your Feet!)

When getting back into active living, it’s important to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Don’t diet during this period-- keep your food intake the same or even increase it. You need fuel to be able to get active, so cutting back on calories at least in the beginning is not a good idea. Take a warm bath with Epsom salts if you have sore muscles after a workout. In addition, wear proper footwear for all of your everyday activities. Plim Soul are the perfect walking shoes for plantar fasciitis as they provide support and protection with every step.

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Rest When You’re Tired

A lot of people believe their workouts need to be all or nothing, which is really bad for sustainability and motivation. If you feel tired after 15 minutes of exercise, it’s ok to take a break or even stop. The important thing is that you showed up for your body and tried to be active. Some days, we need a rest and that is just as healthy as exercising. To keep your feet protected on your off days, try a leather fashion sneaker with supportive insoles like Twin Gore Lux that can go anywhere, but feel dressed up.

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Warm Up and Cool Down

Before you have an active day, be sure that you warm up your body to prevent getting injured and help your muscles adjust to exercise. Do some simple stretches before and after your workout to keep from getting stiff. Active living can be difficult to get back into after long periods of sedentary living.

Exercise with a Friend for Motivation

You are your own best cheerleader. Still, it’s nice to have someone there to hold you accountable and to make exercising more fun. When you workout with a friend or partner, time seems to pass much more quickly, don’t you agree?

As we are rethinking everything else in our lives during this pandemic, why not redefine what it means to be active? Find exercises that are fun and sustainable to keep you active on a regular basis without burning out. But remember: an active lifestyle will improve mental and physical health. Don’t forget a supportive pair of active shoes to protect your feet everywhere you go!

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