Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed for exceptional comfort

Sneaker Footbed with Support Callouts

Everyone loves comfortable shoes, but there is something extra comfy about a great pair of sneakers. Our sneakers are special because of the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed. And we almost forgot, they're pretty cute too! We expanded our Sneaker Collection to capture more classic looks with remarkable comfort thanks to our removable shoe footbed. From canvas to beautiful leathers and hardware, everyone can find a sneaker that fits their personal style.

Taos Star Active Fashion Sneaker in Grey Wash Canvas

And it doesn’t stop with our sneaker collection! We also have boots and Mary Janes with a Curves & Pods® removable shoe footbed. Each pair has a removable footbed with unique features for the type of shoe. For example, our Mary Janes offer different arch support than our sneakers, and yet all are similarly comfortable and fashionable. No matter what occasion you need supportive and stylish shoes for, Taos has you covered. Our collection of shoes with their own unique removable footbeds comes in a wide array of designs, colors, and patterns so you know you’ll find a comfortable shoe that’s just right for you.

Taos Moc Star Sneaker in Graphite

More information About Shoes With Removable Footbeds

Taos specializes in creating stylish and comfortable shoes without compromise. We have sneakers and shoes with removable footbeds because they provide the ultimate in customizable support. With our distinctive style we ensure each pair looks as good as they feel.

Our removable footbed women's shoes are great for all occasions: dressing up, casual hangouts, and long walks. We have styles and designs for all tastes and needs. Our removable footbed shoes and sneakers are designed with comfort built from the inside out. Look no further for your next pair of shoes than any of Taos Curves & Pods® removable footbed women's shoes, and never sacrifice style for comfort again.