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Wide Fit Sandals: Finding The Most Comfortable Shoe For Your Size

If every time you try on shoes you feel like a stepsister in Cinderella, then it’s likely you need wider width shoes. Finding your version of a glass slipper isn’t easy when you have wide feet, particularly if you want shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

However, every foot is unique and there are plenty of women’s wide fit sandals out there as well as simple tricks that will help you choose sandals to fit your feet. Wide width shoes will not only be more comfortable, but will provide more support. Here’s what to consider when looking for a pair of sandals to fit your wider feet.

Filter Specifically for Wider Widths

Some shoe brands, like Taos, make summer and spring shoes specifically with wider widths. These sandals are your first port of call, as they are made for feet just like yours. For example, Trulie wide fit sandals are made to support a wider foot, plus they have multiple points of adjustability so that you can loosen them as needed. This is particularly important after a long day of walking as your feet will swell. Instead of feeling like your wide fit strappy sandals are too small, you can adjust them to accommodate your feet.

Taos Trulie Sandal

Choose Sandals Without Straps

Sandals with more open construction, like Toe Ring are generally preferable to ones with lots of straps. This is because an open sandal has less places of confinement so it’s generally easier to fit than a sandal with lots of straps. Styles that generally work with wide feet are T-straps and comfortable flip-flops like Aura. Both of these wide fit flat sandals are great for bunion prevention as well because they let your big toe joint breathe.

Taos Toe Ring Sandals

Look for Adjustability

If you have wide feet, you’ve probably realized that adjustable features are the only real way to feel like you are getting a custom fit. Wide fitting wedge sandals like Universe not only have an extended width option, but they also have three points of adjustability so that you can strap your feet securely into the shoe without feeling constricted. If you have weak ankles, this type of sandal is preferable for ankle support to a flip flop or T-strap sandal.

Taos Universe


Don’t Count On Your Sandals “Breaking In”

It’s easy to fall in love with a shoe that is really too small and justify the purchase by saying that it will “break in.” Sandals really shouldn’t need a break-in period and if they do stretch at all, it won’t affect the width of the shoe. Don’t fall into this trap because ultimately you will regret buying shoes that are too small.

While having feet that are outside the standard sizes in width is a challenge, don’t let it discourage you! There are plenty of stylish and comfortable shoes out there that are made specifically for wider feet. With sandals, you will also have an easier time finding a good fit as many are made with a more open construction that is more forgiving in size. You should be able to walk a mile in your sandals on a hot day without having your feet hurt!

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