How to Pull Off Patterned Shoes This Spring

Every outfit needs a little bit of intrigue...we believe this comes from your shoes! Brush off the cobwebs of winter and get a fresh start with spring prints that liven up the season. Printed sneakers for women are a casual, comfortable way to add style to any look without being over the top. Below, we’ve rounded up some fresh styling ideas for wearing patterned, comfortable shoes for spring.

Spice Up a Neutral Look with Patterned Sneakers

When in doubt, keep things simple! The easiest way to wear your patterned shoes is to style them with neutrals like black, white, and tan. No matter what, your printed sneakers are going to stand out, so let them be the star of your outfit.

Taos Active Plim Soul in Black Tropical

Patterned Plim Soul add a splash of colorful, tropical fun. These comfortable walking shoes are great for spring activities out in the sun, from riding your bike to picnics with your best pals. The removable Curves and Pods® footbed in these sneakers supports and protects your feet all day long, protecting you from common foot problems.

Taos Active Plim Soul Sneakers

How to Wear Patterned Shoes With Your Favorite Jeans

You can’t go wrong with wearing jeans and bright, patterned shoes – especially ones as comfortable as Woolderness 2. Blue, white, or black jeans create a casual base that allow these patterned clogs to stand out. With a boldly printed design, clogs look best with a pair of classic high-waisted blue jeans and a crisp white blouse. Weekend dressing made easy!

Taos Woolderness 2 Clogs

Layer Floral Prints in Your Shoes and Outfit

Florals for spring might not be “groundbreaking,” but we love them! With a little creativity, you can style a fun twist on florals by mixing different prints. Put a spring in your step with brightly patterned floral sneakers, like Plim Soul in Natural Tropical. These printed canvas shoes look fab with a floral dress in a different print. This feminine outfit can be worn to the park or even a casual wedding reception, keeping your feet supported while you dance the night away.

Taos Active Plim Soul Sneakers in Natural Tropical

Mix and Match Clothing and Shoes in Timeless Striped Patterns

Like floral prints, classic stripes can also be mixed and matched as you please. For example, Star in Black Plaid looks incredibly stylish with a striped shirt. The stripes on the shoes won’t clash like some other prints might. The trick in how to wear patterned shoes with a printed top is to add a neutral in between your stripes, like a pair of jeans or white pants. This creates a solid in between your striped shoes and top, preventing you from stripe overload!

Coordinate Your Printed Shoes and Your Dress

It might be considered old fashioned to match your shoes to your dress, but subtle twists make this a contemporary style statement. Here’s how to wear this patterned shoe/dress combo at its best: Pick shoes that are a slightly lighter or darker tone than your dress. For example, light blue printed canvas shoes with a royal blue dress look beautiful and not overdone.

Especially after you’ve been cooped up inside, it will feel even better to embrace the spring and summer in full color and patterns. Printed sneakers for women shouldn’t be considered a novelty only to be worn on special occasions -- they can be worn just as often as solids. We hope these styling ideas for how to wear patterned shoes inspire you to feel bold and confident in what you wear!