5 Features that Make These the Best in the Biz

What makes a perfect leather boot for winter? Three things: comfort, durability, and style. It’s not easy to find all three in one shoe. Unfortunately, practicality for winter weather often means you’re stuck sacrificing fashion. Stomping through slushy city sidewalks isn’t cute, but women’s lace-up boots can be. Here at Taos, we strive to make leather boots that not only serve their purpose through rain, snow, and sleet but also do so with style and above all, total comfort.

Our Crave leather combat boots are a #TaosAmbassador favorite, with versatile flair and no-nonsense durability that’s perfect for winter. A sleek riff on women’s lace-up boots, they are beautifully crafted with a faux fur and leather lining and come in a wide range of color options. Below, discover 5 reasons why having a pair of these comfortable leather boots for winter is a must.

These Leather Boots are Made for Walkin’

There’s nothing worse than a boot that doesn’t last one season or a pair that are so uncomfortable you may as well have worn heels out in the snow. Before the bad weather hits, having a staple pair of hard-wearing leather ankle boots like Crave in the closet is a great idea. The high-quality materials, like leather and suede, provide durability that will allow you to wear these boots in inclement weather without destroying them.

Craving Style? You’ll Love This Fashion-Forward Footwear

Our Ambassadors love wearing their Crave leather boots with all different outfit looks because this classic style goes with practically everything! That, and the fact that you can get them in a variety of colors that perfectly suits your look. Wearing a pair of these black or red leather boots with jeans or a pair of black pants during the winter is easy styling. Or, you can mix a pair of tan or blue lace-up boots with a feminine sweater and skirt for a more fashion-forward aesthetic. The buckles and laces add instant style while also making them easy to take on and off.

Enjoy Next-Level Comfort in Leather Combat Boots with our Soft Support Insoles

Crave boots are like Tootsie Pops (remember those?) – hard on the outside with a soft soul (or sole, in this case). Unlike traditional leather combat boots, which are heavy and uncomfortable, Crave is lightweight, supportive, and supremely soft. They’re equipped with our Soft Support™ removable footbed, providing orthotic arch support and relieving the pressure from plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments. The footbed is made of dual-density polyurethane which ensures support and shock absorption in every step.

The fact that these women's lace-up boots are lightweight and not bulky means they don’t strain your feet as you walk. Plus, they have a streamlined silhouette befitting even the most fashion-conscious wearers. There’s no need to spend time breaking these in; they are comfy right out of the box!

Keep Your Feet Dry in Waterproof Black Leather Boots

If you’re looking for a completely waterproof pair of boots, Crave in Black on Black Waterproof is your go-to. These black leather booties can take the most wear and tear and keep your feet completely dry. If you’re really in love with a different color and want to help make them water-resistant, you can always help safeguard them with a few sprays of our Waterproof Protector.

Taos Waterproof Protector Spray

Regardless of whether you opt for black or brown leather boots, all colors of Crave come with a thick rubber outsole that will provide traction on slippery sidewalks and keep your foot elevated from the slush. No more slip and slide through the city streets. Our customers say these leather ankle boots feel like flats even with the small heel that’s designed for protecting and elevating your foot.

Stay Snuggled and Warm with the Cozy Faux Fur Lining

In addition to keeping your foot dry, you want leather boots that keep you warm. Crave boots come with a plush faux fur lining that will insulate your whole foot, from your ankles to your toes. Thick socks are unnecessary, but because these shoes are made for comfort, there’s more room inside than ordinary boots. This allows you to choose what type of sock you prefer as you head out to face the elements.

Crave is a dreamy all-around choice of leather boots for women, which is why many of our customers come back for more pairs in different colors! Whether you’re looking for grey or black leather boots, there are numerous cozy tones that will update your fall and winter outfits with comfort and style.

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