How to Tell if Your Shoes Will Stay Supportive When You’re on Your Feet All Day

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1 year ago

For those with jobs that require them to be on their feet all day, the struggle of staying comfortable is real. From nurses to waiters, many different types of professionals spend entire days without getting a moment to sit down.

This can take its toll - prolonged standing at work can cause fatigue, leg cramps, and back aches. Furthermore, this type of sustained muscle exhaustion can lead to joint problems and severe back pain. Allowing these symptoms to persist not only negatively affects your work, but also your long term health overall.

How to Pick the Right Stylish and Supportive Shoes

If you’re on your feet all day you will want the shoes you’re wearing to be as supportive as possible. However, you also don’t want them to be truly hideous. When seeking this kind of comfort and style, you first want to make sure your shoes fit properly. In fact, 80% of menare currently wearing the wrong size shoe. When standing all day, you can’t afford to be a part of that kind of statistic.

A supportive sandal or sneaker that is too loose or too tight will cause increasing discomfort the longer you wear them. You should have about a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the shoe.

You can pinch your toe to check, but also slide an index finger behind your heel. Remember that width is as important as length, so if the supportive shoe feels tight on the sides, it does not fit properly. You should look to get another size to avoid pain.

You want to stay away from any kind of shoe with a heel or thin soles. One of the best options that are both stylish and comfortable are supportive Mary Jane shoes. Our women's casual shoes are a fashionable leather appearance and a comfortable, removable footbed for a best-in-class supportive shoe for women.

It is also important to remember that shoes get worn out. Over time and with repeated use, even the most supportive sandals and sneakers will lose their cushioning and support. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you’ll need to look for top of the line supportive footwear that will last you as long as possible.

Making the Right Decision for Supportive Footwear

When deciding what stylish and supportive shoes to purchase, there are a few tests you can perform when trying them on: -You shouldn’t be able to push the heel into the shoe and you should not be able to push the sides of the heel together. -You should not be able to twist the center of the shoe. -If you bend the shoe from front to back, it should only flex at the widest part.

In the famous words of a podiatrist, “Shoes should never fold.” If your supportive sneakers are able to fold in half, they are not what should be on your feet for long-standing periods. Instead, opt for a supportive sneaker for women that’s designed with your comfort in mind. The Stardoes just that. It’s not just a pleasure to wear them, but also the various styles and colors make these a great option for cute supportive shoes for women.

You want to seek out a lot of cushion, the proper fit, and great style when shopping for supportive footwear. Remember to have a few pairs so you don’t wear down any single pair of supportive sneakers or sandals. As a result, your feet – and your body! – will thank you.