Meet Re-Do: A Cozy Clog Where Sustainability Meets Style

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Meet Re-Do: A Cozy Clog Where Sustainability Meets Style
2 months ago

It’s a fact: We have a plastic problem. As a planet, we produce over 300 million tons of plastic per year. More than one million plastic bags are used in the world every minute and approximately 1500 plastic bottles are used in the United States every second. These are scary stats, made more frightening by the fact that plastic never goes away and much of it ends up where it’s not supposed to be – like in the ocean.

While you can’t get rid of plastic, you can downcycle it into other things to get more than a single use out of it, which keeps it from ending up in rivers and landfills. We’re excited to say that we’re using innovative processes to develop comfy, eco-friendly shoes out of recycled plastic bottles.

Meet Re Do: They’re sustainable, stylish, and a closet staple in our book. Discover the best features of Re-Do sustainable clogs below and make a difference with what you wear!

Experience Blissful Comfort with the Supportive Removable Footbed

You can feel good while giving back with Re-Do sustainable clogs. These ethically made shoes are fitted with a plush removable orthotic footbed that contours perfectly to the shape of your foot.

Our Curves & Pods® removable footbeds provide arch support, heel support, and cushioning of the ball of the foot. Our customers – even those with arthritis – swear by them! You can wear these all day without feeling foot fatigue.

Quick and Easy Styling Ideas for These Sustainable Women’s Shoes

Wondering how to style this indoor-outdoor beauty? With two fun colors – Blue Confetti and Orange Sherbet – Re-Do definitely makes a statement.

We suggest keeping your styling simple when wearing these sustainably made shoes. For example, a classic pair of jeans and a flowy white top make for an easy-going, yet pulled-together daytime look.

Sustainable footwear like this is great for running errands, slipping off and on at yoga class, and even relaxing at a cafe with a steaming latte. For lounging around the house, comfort is key: pajamas, a knit loungewear set, and leggings with your Re-Do sustainable clogs come to mind.

Our Re-Do clogs are comfy, supportive, and best of all, made of recycled materials that reduce plastic pollution with a stylishly simple solution. Re-Do is aptly named because we’re giving plastic bottles a second chance to be something beautiful. These sweet, environmentally-friendly shoes are go-anywhere, do-anything favorites of women who believe fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Or foot in foot, in this case!