Most Comfortable Wool Clogs For Women

Wool shoes give us warm fuzzy comfort. Lightweight, naturally temperature regulating, durable, and easy cleaned, wool clogs are the best invention we never knew we needed. In both frosty and warm weather, wool clogs are a go-to shoe for comfort, support, and ease.

Taos Wool Clogs are designed to be highly versatile, so you can wear them indoors as comfy slippers and outdoors as shoes. Classic and stylish, they can be dressed up for a nice dinner, or worn with everyday jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, wool clogs also look right at home with a pair of pajamas. How many other outdoor shoes do you have that are comfortable enough to call slippers? That’s what we thought!

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Why Wool is a Great Material in All Seasons

Wool is a natural fiber that’s eco-friendly and sustainable, unlike many synthetic shoe materials out there. When it comes to shoes, wool serves as a soft and breathable material that won’t be ruined when you go outside. As it is porous, you’ll find wool clogs, like Wool Do to be sweat-wicking in warmer weather.

When it’s cold, however, there’s nothing more toasty for your toes than a wool clog. Slide sock feet or bare feet into wool clogs and you’ll instantly feel more cozy. Of course, if you really want to be extra snuggly, there’s always Woolderness 2, which is coated in a soft, faux fur lining.

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How Wool Clogs Help Common Foot Problems

Here at Taos, we pay special attention to making sure every pair of shoes is 100% supportive and comfortable, particularly for people already suffering with common foot problems. We know you have enough to deal with already without your shoes digging in or squeezing your tired feet.

With our comfortable clogs, you’ll find that the wool stretches so as to never rub against your tender toes and joints. In this way, a wool clog is essentially a custom fit as it forms to the shape of your foot. If you have any of the foot problems listed below, you can benefit from the ease and comfort of Taos wool clogs.

-Plantar Fasciitis





-Ingrown Toenails

-Heel Spurs


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Why Wool Clogs are the Best Weatherproof Shoes

We mentioned that you can wear wool clogs outside, but what if it rains? It may seem concerning to wear your slippers in the elements, but actually, wool is very hardy. Before being made into Taos clogs, the wool goes through a process called boiling, which transforms the material into a more dense fabric. This makes it so that when water hits the clog, it beads off, rather than immediately soaking in. While still breathable, this makes your wool clogs windproof so your feet are protected from the cold. It also makes them super soft to the touch!

More Reasons to Love Taos Wool Clogs

1. Natural Cork Midsole: Taos wool clogs come with a natural cork sole, which is an ideal material for the midsole of a shoe. Cork is lightweight, naturally springy and flexible, and durable. It moulds to the shape of your foot so that you get a contoured fit that will provide more support while you walk around. Instead of being rigid, the cork cushions your every step, giving your joints a break. For this reason, wool clogs are recommended shoes for shoes for hospital staff who are on their feet all day. Like wool, cork is also a sustainable material.

2. Removable Footbed: The cork alone provides a lot of support, but we didn’t stop there. Each Taos wool clog comes equipped with a removable footbed that is designed for arch support, like the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed found in Woollery. Of course, if your doctor recommends a custom orthotic, all you have to do is remove the Taos footbed and slide your orthotic into place.

3. Durable Rubber Outer Sole: As the base of it all, the outsole of your shoe needs to be extra protective, especially if you plan to wear your wool clogs outside. As sturdy as they come, Taos wool clogs have a durable rubber outsole that can master sidewalks or country lanes at any time of the year.

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Don’t Forget That Wool Clog Shoes are Stylish!

Here at Taos, we pay close attention to form and function, blending comfort with modern design styles and high-quality materials. If you prefer slide on Swedish clogs, there are multiple options to choose from, all made with ethically sourced wool from Italy. We have clogs in numerous colors, from neutrals to brights like red and blue.

If you really want to make a statement, Woolderness 2 has charming hand-embroidered flowers that are sure to cheer you up. We also have a slip-on bootie, Woolly Boolly, which is a cold weather favorite. It’s like a cardigan for your foot! Ultimately, no matter which pair of wool clogs you choose, we’re certain your feet will thank you.