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Best Shoes For Hairdressers: Comfort That Lasts All Day

When you’re a hairdresser, you need to find comfortable shoes. Good, supportive shoes aren’t optional—they’re a must-have. It’s similar to other jobs where you’re on your feet all day. For example, the best shoes for nurses are often similar to the best shoes for hairdressers.

The right shoes will help you be comfortable and productive. They’ll also help make sure that you avoid developing common foot problems like bunions and will prevent chronic pain.

 Choosing shoes for standing all day is different from choosing active footwear. When you’re choosing something like running shoes, there’s a dynamic movement involved. When you’re on your feet all day, rather than choosing shoes that move with your feet in a particular way, it’s more about focusing on the fact that your feet are confined for long periods, and support needs to be evenly distributed across your foot.

 Taos Footwear offers some of the best shoes for hairdressers because of the built-in features that are intended specifically for comfort and foot and leg health.

 The following are some specific things to keep in mind when you’re choosing shoes as a hairdresser or anyone who spends the day on their feet working long shifts. 

Consider an Orthopedic Shoe
An orthopedic shoe is one that is supportive and fits well. They are designed to support the structure of your foot as well as your ankle and leg. Some of the features of an orthopedic shoe include a very strong mid- and outsole. The sole doesn’t move around easily, and it provides structure.
An orthotic shoe will have an insole with arch support and will reduce the pressure on the heel and the ball of the foot, which is especially beneficial if you're dealing with heel spurs or metatarsalgia. Instead, much of your weight is transferred to your arch, reducing the likelihood of heel spurs.
Without arch support, your leg can rotate internally, which places stress on your knee, hip, and lower back.


While orthopedic shoes may have a bad reputation, Taos specializes in offering these features in a stylish, attractive design. Taos shoes also have the Curves and Pods footbeds, which you can remove or change out as needed. It’s a custom orthotic insole that prevents foot swelling and even prevents sweating because they’re made with Cool Recovery Foam.

Wide, Flat Outsole
When you choose a shoe with a wide and flat outsole, it gives you full ground contact while you’re on your feet. That, in turn, spreads pressure evenly.

Spacious Toe Box
You want to have plenty of space around your toes, although be careful that there’s not so much that it creates uncomfortable friction.
If your shoes are too narrow, it becomes incredibly cramped and painful to spend a lot of time on your feet. Look for shoes that have a width specification, if possible, for the best fit for your individual needs.
Lightweight Design
When you’re looking for the best shoes for hairdressers, choose a lightweight option. You want your salon shoe to feel firm and supportive but also not be overly heavy or burdensome on your foot.

It should feel easy to walk in them, and they should be flexible enough that you have a full range of motion without being so flexible that your foot is left without the support it needs.

Finally, a few other details to look for when it comes to comfortable shoes for hairdressers include a durable, slip-resistant sole and a shoe that you can easily clean as needed - like leather sneakers.

When you find the right fit and the perfect pair of supportive shoes, your workday as a hairdresser is going to be a lot more pleasant. You can focus on clients rather than any pain you would have been experiencing otherwise.

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