7 Reasons Why We Love Wool Slippers

Wool slippers

As the temperatures start to drop, there is nothing more cozy than to curl up with your coffee mug and a pair of warm wool slippers by the fire. An elevated form of bedroom slippers, wool clogs are the epitome of comfort and ease while still retaining style. While a normal pair of slippers can only be expected to last for a year before becoming misshapen and filled with holes, Taos® high-quality wool slippers are designed to last.

7 Essential Reasons Why We Love Indoor/Outdoor Clogs

There are endless reasons to slip into a pair of cozy wool slippers, whether you’re at home or heading to work. They’re like the equivalent of a big hug after a long day and provide maximum comfort. If you’re curious about the benefits of our wool shoes, take a look at some of the pro’s we’ve listed below.


A pair of soft wool clogs is the ideal shoe if you suffer from common foot problems like bunions, blisters, and corns. While many shoes can be restrictive, the softness and flexibility of the wool allows a certain amount of stretch so that no part of your foot feels too restricted or results in swelling. The wool creates an almost custom fit as it cocoons around the shape of your foot.


As with all of our shoes, we put expert care into creating a design that is not only beautiful, but 100% foot-friendly. All of our wool features orthotic-level support with footbeds that mold to your arches to relieve pressure and cushion your every step. These slippers with arch support are so comfortable that you can wear them all day long! Particularly if you are working as a nurse or hairdresser where you are constantly standing, these supportive slippers with arch support will quickly become your favorite work shoes.

Wear Inside and Outside

You’ve probably considered wearing your bedroom slippers outside before, but thought better of it. Delicate slippers don’t stand a chance against the elements, but Taos® wool clogs for women do. The thick rubber soles on all of our wool clogs are made to traverse city sidewalks and country lanes, so you really can wear these versatile slippers anywhere you go.


Wool is a naturally breathable fiber that is layered to allow maximum air flow while still keeping your feet warm and toasty. Don’t subject your feet to synthetic shoe materials that make them hot and sweaty. It’s not only uncomfortable, but also provides a breeding ground for bacteria inside your shoes which damages their durability.

Temperature Regulating

As a material, wool immediately comes to mind when the weather gets colder, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t also wear your Taos® wool slippers in the spring and summer. They are naturally temperature regulating, meaning that unlike synthetic materials, the wool does not trap heat. You won’t end up with clammy feet in Taos® wool clogs or slipper booties no matter which season you wear them in.

Easy On and Off

When you are rushing out of the house on the way to work, school, or another engagement, it helps to have a pair of shoes that can be slipped on quickly without hassle. Taos® wool clogs might be as comfortable as bedroom slippers, but they are designed with European craftsmanship and style in mind so you can style them with anything in your closet, from jeans to dresses. Clogs like Woolderness 2 feature beautiful intricate hand embroidery to elevate your wardrobe while providing a durable, lasting wear.


Taos® wool clogs are more than just cozy, they are also eco-friendly. Natural wool, which comes from sheep, is sustainable, meaning that it doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals to produce and is a renewable resource. Taos® ethically sources all of the wool for their clogs from Italy and no sheep are harmed in the shearing of their fleece.

Types of Wool Slippers

When deciding on which wool slippers you would like, there are several distinctions that set apart the silhouettes of Taos® clogs.


Classic wool clogs like Woollery, Wool Do, and Woolma, are timeless slip-on shoes that make getting dressed simple. They feature an open back as well as a thick cork midsole that is both stylish and practical for walking. Cork also has the benefit of being shock-absorbent and lightweight, so you can walk with a pep in your step without feeling weighed down by your shoes. Clogs will never go out of style, so this is a great style to add to your shoe collection.

Slipper Boots

If you desire a bit more warmth, then wool slipper boots like Good Wool are your best bets. They cover your ankle, providing a toasty home for your cold feet during the winter. A pair of wool slipper boots looks fab with flannel pajamas for staying in, but you can also style them with a pair of jeans or a wintry skirt when going out.

Clogs with a Back

Looking for something in between the above two options? Taos® Convertawool clogs are made in the style of a clog with the option to add on a back for even more support. The collapsible back on this convertible clog is a unique feature that is camouflaged by a decorative seam that gives the clog old-world charm. This versatile design makes these wool clogs perfect for lounging around and for when you’re on the go.

Choosing The Best Wool Clogs for Women

Ready to start enjoying your comfy wool clogs? Finding the best supportive slippers will come down to what particular needs you have and where you plan on wearing your shoes. Full coverage booties will keep you the most insulated and warm, but if you want complete ease in terms of taking your shoes on and off, then a classic clog is ideal. Whichever warm wool clogs or wool slippers you choose, your feet will be in heaven in the coziest shoes around!