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What Are the Best Shoes for Bunions? Our Selection of the Most Comfortable Pairs

When you have bunions, finding the most comfortable shoes can be one of the biggest challenges you face. Whether you’re looking for comfortable shoes to go with your work from home outfit, you want shoes you can wear out and about, or you want shoes that are good for walking or running, what should you know when you have bunions?

It’s important to choose shoes that are going to give you the most support not only for current pain relief but also to prevent worsening of your bunions. You want to wear shoes that are practical and fit well. You also want to take care of your feet by choosing shoes that have a wide toe box and that contour to the shape of your foot.

The following are some of the best shoes for bunions from Taos.



If you want a shoe that is flexible enough to be worn around the house and that can also work as a shoe for errands and running around town, consider the slip-on clogs from Taos. We like these because they’re easy to wear, and they’re comfortable thanks to their flexible rubber outsole.

Users with a variety of foot issues say that these shoes provide them with the arch support, quality, and comfort they need in a pair of everyday shoes. Specifically, thanks to the wide width of these clogs, people who have them say they don’t irritate their bunions or other foot issues like heel spurs.

Our customer, Rebecca, loves the comfort of the Taos’ Clog Collection. She says “I have a narrow heel and wide toes -- and little bunions forming. It has always been difficult to find shoes that fit well. But these clogs are SO COMFORTABLE!!! They give incredible arch support while still being flexible; the straps adjust to account for varying widths of heels and toes. I am on my second pair ~ I just love them.”

Taos Woolderness 2 Clog Color Assortment



Sneakers, like the Taos Plim Soul, offer the features you need to remain comfortable, even when you have bunions. For example, the Plim Soul sneakers feature arch support and the signature Curves & Pods removable footbed. They’re also treated to protect against stains and odors.

Customers who have the Plim Soul sneakers say that they were the first sneakers to provide them with true relief from foot pain of all sorts, including pain stemming from bunions.

If you are on your feet all day, these shoes are supportive enough to keep you comfortable as well. The Plim Soul is absolutely one of the best sneakers for bunions available anywhere.

Building trust between us and our customers is our number one priority. But if you don’t trust us just yet, hear what our customer Leora has to say: “I have finally found a sneaker that works for my foot problems (a bunion and high arches). I don’t want to take these shoes off even when I get home from work. Have worn them 4 days in a row and walk like I have no problem. They are amazing! I just ordered my second pair.”

Taos Plim Soul Sneaker Black Tropical



If you love wearing sandals and the chic simplicity they provide, but you’re worried they don’t have enough support for you, think again. Taos sandals, including the Guru option, provide you with style without requiring that you sacrifice support. These sandals feature handcrafted leather and a soft, microfiber footbed lining.

Taos Guru Sandal Honey

For a dressier sandal, there’s the Wedge Collection of sandals, with a suede footbed and a durable outsole. These sandals are lightweight and effortless to wear and feature both flexibility and contouring.

Taos Footwear Carousel Sandal

When it comes to dealing with bunions, our customer Marylou raves about Taos’ Sandal Collection. “I have terrible bunions and wanted a pair of sandals that would serve the purpose of comfort and also hide my deformed toes. I have found the right sandal. Love the shoe!”

Dressy or Casual

Finally, if you’re looking for shoes for bunions that can be worn in dressy or casual situations and that will keep your feet feeling great, there’s the Twin Gore Lux leather sneaker from Taos.

The Twin Gore Lux features the Active Curves & Pods removable footbed, and the outsole is rubber. They’re so lightweight it may feel like you have nothing on, yet they’re the perfect dress shoes for bunions. You can slip them on and then adjust the strap so that you get the right fit, which is so important when you deal with bunions.

Taos Twin Gore Lux Leather Slip On Sneakers

What’s important to realize as you’re looking for shoes for bunions is that you don’t have to sacrifice style. You can get the look you want, along with comfort, and you can protect the health of your feet and legs in the process with a brand like Taos. Even if you don’t already have them, the shoes above are also great for preventing bunions in the future.

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