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What are the Best Gifts for Shoe-Loving Women Over 50?

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, friend, or loved one, picking the right gift for women over 50 can be a challenge. They’ve mastered their style, filled their homes and closets to perfection, and earned the right to a seriously good gift – which makes choosing one even more difficult. What to get the woman who has everything? Our answer: shoes!

It’s a bit of a cliché, but women can never have too many pairs of shoes. When you’re thinking about fashion for 50-year-olds, you have to realize that it isn’t so different from 40. Shoes for women over 50 should still be stylish, but there’s definitely a growing emphasis on comfort and support in our footwear as we age.

Inside-Outside Slippers are the Easy-to-Love Shoe Gift

This shoe lover gift guide will help you select the perfect pair of footwear. Getting the right pair of stylish shoes for women over 50 may even help prove this holiday season that you really are the most thoughtful gift-giver in the family.

taos wool clogs

Inside-Outside Slippers are the Easy-to-Love Shoe Gift

When you think about the women over 50 in your life, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that they are expert multitaskers. From caring for kids and grandkids to juggling work and a social life, these women are amazing and do it all. They deserve a comfortable shoe for older women that can keep up with their pace, one that can be a chameleon in their busy life.

Wool clogs, like Woolma and Woolderness 2 are made to pad around the house or take for a stroll outside, which is why they’re first on the list of our shoe lover gift guide. The faux fur keeps toes warm while the durable rubber soles protect feet from the hard ground. Goodbye blisters, hello happy feet.

taos convertawool

Taos Woolderness 2 Embroidered Wool Clogs

Classic Mary Jane Shoes for Older Women with a Comfy Twist

Mary Janes are a shoe that never goes out of style and are worn at all ages. They’re versatile enough to be styled with jeans or a dress, making them a fashion staple for 50-year-olds in our book.

We’ve given these comfortable shoes for older women twist with Ta Dah. What’s the twist? Well, these have a super supportive removable footbed that women over 50 will adore. She needs to take care of her feet, and you’ll be giving her the best shoe gift to do so!

Taos Dah Dah Leather Mary Janes

Stylish Shoes for Women Over 50 Look Like These Warm Winter Boots

What’s not to love about a beautifully hand-crafted pair of leather lace-up boots that work in the snow or walking around a city center? Crave is a head-turning boot with all the right details when it comes to stylish yet comfortable shoes for older women. From the wool padded collar to gorgeous decorative stitching, this pair really has it all. Yet, while being elegant, they’re also super durable and made for adventure – just like her.

Taos Crave Lace and Zip Up Leather Ankle Boots

Stylish Sandals are the Ultimate Pair of Holiday Shoes

For the friend who prefers to spend the holidays on a tropical beach, a pair of beautiful sandals she can walk around in is a thoughtful gift. Our new Prize 4 sandals come in three essential colors with artistic metal hardware and laser etchings. Style meets function in these sandals that look like anything but your typical shoes for older women. They have a Soft Support premium footbed that supports the arch and metatarsal so she can explore caves, shop markets, and kick back and relax on the sand.

Taos Prize 4 Leather Sandals with Metal Medallion Details

So, which of these styles makes the cut? The best shoe lover gift is the one that fits her lifestyle, so consider what she prioritizes and ask for her shoe size the next time you see her. We have plenty of stylish shoes for women over 50 that we know she’ll love unwrapping. Happy holidays!

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