The Best Women’s Shoes for Problem Feet to Give This Holiday

Does your friend or family member struggle with aching, problematic feet? This holiday season is the perfect time to show them that you’ve been listening. A superbly comfortable and supportive pair of orthopedic shoes is exactly the thoughtful present they deserve. Here are some stand-out supportive shoes for women that make great gifts!

Address Common Foot Problems with Comfortable, Cool Sandals

An easy way to keep problem feet happy is to give them total freedom. For your relatives or friends living in a warm climate, our new sandals, Festive are an excellent present. These stylish shoes for flat feet feature our Taos Soft Support™ premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam™, so feet feel wonderfully cushioned and are antimicrobial even in hot weather. They come in four styles, including trendy faux snakeskin and metallics.

Soft Moccasins are a Must-Have Shoe for Problem Feet

Taos Slip-Ons are a dream for common foot problems, from arthritis to metatarsalgia. They are among the best shoes for heel pain because they easily slide on and off without aggravating any sore spots.

Appropriately named, My Hero comes to the rescue of worn out, painful feet. The soft moccasins are made of canvas, championing breathability and softness with every step. These may be the most comfortable metatarsalgia shoes she’ll ever own!

These Supportive Canvas Sneakers Alleviate Foot Pain

A classic pair of Taos canvas sneakers can do no harm to picky feet. Moc Star is a supportive shoe for women that’s specially equipped for comfort. With the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed, these provide excellent arch support that make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud. The laces provide a custom fit that can be loosened on days when problem feet are acting up. The wider, rounded toe box and breathable canvas material allow for more room so toes aren’t jammed. These are the best shoes for heel pain, toe pain, and all-over support.

Warm Winter Boots are a Great Gift for Those In Need of Orthopedic Shoes

If finding comfortable yet supportive boots is a chore every time, then it’s time to introduce your friend to Tender. Many boots can be tight, leaving blisters after a long day of standing, which is why it’s essential to find some that won’t. Tender needs no break-in period. These are made from perfectly soft, supple leather, making them some of the best shoes for heel pain – straight from the box!

A removable orthotic insole provides superior metatarsal and arch support. But if your friend wants a little more, they can always exchange it for their own footbed. These warm winter boots are perfect women’s supportive shoes for outdoor festivities, from picking out a tree to sipping hot chocolate around a bonfire. They’re excellent boots for bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other common foot problems, too.

Step Out in Style and Comfort with Mary Jane Shoes

Lightweight Mary Janes are stylish shoes for flat feet. Balance do it all: they provide the right amount of arch and metatarsal support, cushioning, and style. The supple leather exterior and interior create a soft casing that is naturally flexible. A durable rubber sole protects and cushions from the hard ground while walking. Even with a small heel, these beauties are still some of the best shoes for problem feet!

Despite being common, foot problems can be debilitating, causing many who suffer to sit home and miss out on fun holiday activities. With the right footwear, your pal can come on adventures, from walking to the coffee shop to hiking a mountain trail. Kick foot pain to the curb and help her step out in style in 2020 with our collection of stylish and supportive shoes for women.