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The 10 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs in 2022

Heel spurs are a pain...literally. Heel spurs, which are calcium deposits that protrude from the heel bone underneath your foot, often form as a result of plantar fasciitis. This is why the recommended heel spur shoes are similar to those of patients struggling with plantar fasciitis. 

But before you worry too much, though, know that with proper care and the right footwear, you can keep your heel spurs in check and learn to live with them. Regardless of limitations, heel spurs should not stop you from wearing stylish and supportive shoes.


Keep reading to see the best shoes for heel spurs that are also fashionable, comfortable, and will keep your feet pain-free.

What Shoes to Wear if You Have a Heel Spur

Active Sneakers

Low-Heeled Shoes

Flat Boots with Low Heels

Loafers and Flats

Plim Soul

Sneakers are an excellent option for someone suffering from heel spurs. The Plim Soul canvas sneaker is breathable, has a removable footbed that provides exceptional metatarsal and arch support, and is perfect for everyday wear thanks to its simple, streamlined design.

Taos Plim Soul Canvas Lace Up Sneakers

Plim Soul Lux

Plim Soul Lux leather sneakers are the best shoes for heel spurs if you’re looking for something casual yet elegant, with enough support for your feet, but most importantly, heels. A thicker, higher platform works as an effective shock absorbent, while the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed is perfect if you’re prone to foot pain from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis.

Taos Plim Soul Lux Sneakers

Z Soul

These cute low-top sneakers are soul-stealers. The Z Soul is a stylish shoe that will make your pain-free feet stand out. The zipper on the outside is where design meets function, allowing you to quickly loosen the shoes when in need of more space, or to help you slide in and out of your shoes more easily.

Taos Z Soul Canvas Sneakers Zip + Lace Up

Trophy 2

A true trophy in the heel spur shoe collection, the Trophy 2 summer sandal is the ultimate comfort choice in the hot weather. It is designed with fully adjustable straps to help accommodate different widths and a premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam that alleviates pain and pressure.

Taos Trophy 2 Soft Support Sandals

The Show

A functional pair, The Show was designed for long walks, busy days, and multitasking. It has a t-strap design and two adjustable hook and loop straps for a secure fit. The Show is crafted from the finest Italian leather that wraps around your feet and is super soft. The footbed is protected by an antimicrobial shield, with cooling gel padding on top of polyurethane for maximum shock absorption, making these show-stoppers one of the best shoes for heel spurs in the sandal category.

Taos The Show Sandals


We love a versatile shoe with a distinguished, European look. The Convertawool is a wool outdoors-meets-indoors slipper that is indeed convertible with a collapsible back that turns this slip-on into a stylish clog. The Convertawool is made from cruelty-free Italian sourced wool and a wool-covered footbed with exceptional arch and metatarsal support. These are the comfiest shoes for heel pain if you want the cozy feeling to follow you everywhere.

Taos Convertawool Clogs

Good Wool

A pull-on boot like no other, the Good Wool is a good pair of shoes for heel spurs. Made of ethical wool inside out, including the removable PU footbed with arch and metatarsal support, these ankle booties are perfect for wearing indoors. These boots are cozy and keep your feet happy all day long. 

Taos Good Wool Boots


Satisfy your comfort cravings with Crave. Don’t be put off by a slight elevation in this boot, as the faux fur and leather lining together with Curves & Pods® dual-density removable footbed create a haven of comfort and support more than enough for heel spur shoes

Taos Crave Boots

Future Mid

Consider the Future Mid pull-up booties for a warm winter boot with a sneaker look. Made from premium water-resistant suede, this pair is lined with the softest faux fur that will provide your feet with the highest level of comfort. These boots are ideal shoes for heel spurs as the footbed comes with extra metatarsal and arch support and is covered in microfiber.

Taos Future Mid Suede Ankle Boots

Boot Camp

With Boot Camp, you have an attractive leather boot that offers the support needed to guard against heel spur pain. The premium footbed provides comfort for long days on your feet, and the one ¼” heel adds a little height without being too much for heel spur issues. The boots also lace up for a custom fit, but you also have the interior zipper for accessibility.

Taos Boot Camp Boots

The Do’s and Don’ts of Shoes for Heel Spurs

The Do’s:

Get a Custom Fit

Fit is one of the most important factors when looking for the best shoes for heel spurs or other . The more adjustability, the better. Suppose you have one foot that is bigger than the other; size up your shoes and wear thicker socks or use a heel pad for the smaller foot. We recommend lace-up shoes like Crave boots, which offer the most adjustability in terms of width. Even though they have laces, they also have a zipper on the side to allow you to slip them on and off easily. 

Wear Orthotic Insoles

When dealing with heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, it is essential to have orthopedic shoes or insoles with orthotic level support. If you don’t have that extra cushioning underneath your heel and along your aches, a buildup of pressure will be put on the parts of the foot that touch the ground first, including your heel spur protrusion. The pressure will only make your pain and the heel spur worse.

Taos Active footbeds mold to your exact foot shape so that the impact of your steps is absorbed equally by every part of the foot. This prevents heel shock and heel spur growth. If you find that the support of the removable footbed is not enough, you can always use custom orthotics.

One of the most common mistakes when you’re buying shoes is getting the size wrong. Always have your feet measured both length and widthwise by a shoe professional before purchasing your dress shoes.

The Don’ts:

Wear High Heels

Wearing shoes with a heel, without a doubt, puts more pressure on the exact spot you need to put less pressure on. If you know you have a heel spur or plantar fasciitis, go ahead and move your high heels to the back of the closet. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice style, however. Leather flats with arch support like Trophy 2 are perfect for the office or grabbing drinks with a friend. For casual weekend events, comfy active footwear like Star offers a laid-back style. These are also perfect if you are wondering how to treat bunions.

Wear Flip Flops

While supportive sandals with arch support are a must-have, flat flip-flops are a big no when shopping for heel spur shoes. Flip flops offer no arch support, minimal padding, and a terrible fit. They can break at any moment and leave you shoeless; plus, with a heel spur, you will undoubtedly feel pain wearing such an unsupportive shoe. Go ahead and throw yours away and invest in a nice pair of supportive sandals.