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Why the Taos Removable Footbed is the Best for Your Foot Pain

Save our soles! Anyone who has ever worn a pair of uncomfortable shoes will assure you that foot pain is no joke. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong with our delicate feet, from blisters to overstraining muscles, so taking the necessary precautions to alleviate the risk of problems is a must.

Below, discover how the Taos Curves & Pods® removable footbed works to protect your feet from a myriad of common foot problems.

Taos Active Sneaker Footbed

Shoes With Removable Insoles Offer Heel Support

The most common type of foot pain is Plantar Fasciitis, which manifests as acute heel pain after overuse, like a full day of hiking. Running from the back of your heel to the front of your foot is the fragile web-like ligament known as the Plantar Fascia, which can be easily damaged. When it’s strained or torn from overuse, you will feel an ache on the bottom of one or both feet.

A removable footbed like Curves & Pods® provides balance and stability to the heel, gently surrounding your foot in a protective layer that takes the impact off your Plantar Fascia. For sneakers with removable insoles, try our Winner leather high top. They mix fashion with comfort and durability, and are perfect for so many occasions.

Taos Winner Leather Lace & Zip Up High Top Sneakers

Get Arch Support From Sneakers and Boots With Removable Insoles

Strain to the Plantar Fascia can also result in arch pain, another common issue people experience after wearing the wrong type of shoes. Runners are frequently plagued by this particular issue, but it can be felt by anyone who puts too much strain on their feet or has naturally flat feet or high arches.

Our Curves & Pods® removable footbeds are designed to form to the inside of your foot, supporting your arch in a way that a flat footbed would not. Wearing fashionable shoes with removable insoles, like our Moc Star sneakers will provide extra arch support that you can easily remove when you need to clean your shoes.

Taos Footwear Moc Star Indigo Active Fashion Sneaker

A Removable Footbed Offers Metatarsal Cushioning

When too much pressure builds on your metatarsal bones, which are the five bones at the base of your toes, a painful condition called metatarsalgia arises. You have probably felt pain in the ball of the foot at one point or another after wearing high heeled shoes.

Our Dillie boots with removable insoles have a short heel so you’re spared from the pressure of a stiletto or other higher heel. Their removable footbed also provides superior cushioning with special pods on the bottom so that you have a bit of bounce in every step. For any of our shoes with a removable footbed, this feature relieves the pressure on any one part of the foot and feels like walking on a cloud!

Taos Footwear Dillie Boots

Our Curves & Pods® removable footbed make every shoe comfortable. If you have a specific type of foot pain, it’s worth looking through our shoe collection for ones that suit your exact needs. Whether you want versatile sneakers for walking on the pavement all day or a pair of chic boots to protect your feet in the cooler months, there are so many benefits of fashionable shoes with removable insoles!

Taos Footwear Moc Star in Graphite Active Fashion Sneaker


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