Work From Home During Coronavirus: 5 Tips to Stay Productive

With less time spent traveling to and from work and activities, it would seem likely that we could be more productive than ever during this work from home coronavirus period. However, it’s actually even more difficult to get into a routine when all the hours blend together and you’re distanced from your team. Without frequent communication and accountability, it’s easy to get off track and go through the whole day without anything getting done.

But, there are solutions! Below, discover five work from home tips to help you stay productive during quarantine.

Whether It’s Your First Time Working From Home or Not, Stick to Your Regular Morning Routine


Don’t forgo your morning workout and shower just because you’re in quarantine and have nowhere to be. As you work from home amid coronavirus, it’s important to start each day on the right foot, which includes getting dressed – and even wearing shoes! 


A pair of comfy indoor outdoor sustainable slippers like Convertawool are ideal for padding around the house on lunch breaks and for keeping feet comfortable and supported when in front of the computer. They are stylish and supportive, so you can enjoy wearing them all day long. Before setting up your workstation, take time to enjoy your breakfast and do anything else you normally do before starting another work from home day.

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Create a Daily Work From Home Schedule of Your Time

One of the best tips for working from home is to keep a daily log of things you need to get done and check off each task as you finish it. You may not have been a to-do list person before, but making lists is a great way to stay focused when you don’t have any actual deadlines during quarantine. Put the highest priority items at the top and be sure to check those off first – even if you are dreading working on them.


Stay Connected with Your Coworkers

During this period as you work from home for perhaps the first time, it’s more important than ever to have good, solid daily communication with your coworkers. You’ll not only feel more connected with what’s going on, you’ll also get a sense of renewed purpose from speaking with your team about shared goals and tasks. Our work from home advice for this in particular: Take advantage of video platforms. Seeing your colleagues will make you feel more connected and give you nonverbal clues about how everyone is doing and feeling.

Have a Designated Space As Your Work From Home Office

If you don’t already have a home office set up, working from home during coronavirus is the perfect time to create one (even if it’s makeshift). Setup your computer and any other equipment you need in one place and designate that as your new office.

Coming back to the same place every day, even if it’s just your dining room table will tell your brain that it’s time to work and not watch TV or play with your dog. This work from home tip also allows you the chance to leave that space at the end of the day and feel more relaxed settling on your couch or in bed than if you had work strewn all over the place.

Essential Work From Home Advice: Take Control of Your Procrastination

The struggle with procrastination during COVID-19 is real – and unavoidable for most. Here’s one of the most important tips for working from home: Acknowledge that procrastination will happen and then schedule your work based on when you are most productive.

For example, if you know that you normally procrastinate a lot in the early afternoon, instead of sitting at your computer and getting nothing done, do your exercise during that period instead. A leisurely lap around the block in comfortable canvas shoes for walking like Star Burst is sure to put a spring in your step and clear your mind so you can get back to work.

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Working from home is the new normal and it will very likely continue for a while. Spend some time creating a routine that you know you can manage that balances work, social video calls, exercise, and meals. With these steps combined with some positive thinking, you’ll be able to start being more productive as you work from home during coronavirus!

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