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Road Trip Day 3: Dogs, donuts, and dips in the pool

We continue on our road trip with our canine cuddle buddies, taking in all of the natural beauty, divine food, and plentiful sunshine that Tucson has to offer. All while wearing our comfiest täōs sneakers of course!

Hola amigos!

They say good things come in threes and we couldn't agree more. Day 3 of our road trip has arrived and brings even more delicious dishes, dips in the pool, and doggy donuts. You read that correctly - we said doggy donuts!  

Day Three: Grab your hat & hit the town!


•  Breakfast at Baja Cafe on Broadway, a dog-friendly restaurant with an extensive menu ranging from healthy options to their famous Snickerdoodle pancake. (Cross off pancakes on the road trip bingo board!)

Baja Cafe on Broadway

• Stop at Miko’s Corner Playground Dog Park for morning zoomies. Every dog lover knows a stop at the dog park is one of the daily musts while on a road trip!

Miko’s Corner Playground  910 S. Concert Place Tucson, AZ 85713

• Return to Hacienda Del Sol to explore the beautiful grounds, take a dip in one of the pools, or enjoy a spa appointment while your furry companions relax in the air-conditioned room. Everyone knows a spa visit is on the road trip list of must dos, along with having an air-conditioned space for our furry family members to rest!

Enjoying the shade, patiently waiting to get our road trip zoomies out, and our reward for being good...donuts! Our humans are wearing their comfiest täōs sneakers - the Star in Charcoal Wash and Z Soul in Graphite/Light Grey Distressed.

Danielle and Ernie by the pool

Our fabulous photographer and road tripper Danielle and Ernie relaxing by the Hacienda pool


•  Head to Nook in Downtown Tucson for lunch on their pup-friendly patio. When planning your road trip and traveling with your furry fam, make sure to research eateries that will welcome both of you. Nook is but they are only open through lunchtime so be sure to arrive before they close at 2 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on weekends.


•  Stay cool with post-lunch ice cream at Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery. (This may be our fave ice cream place on our road trip so far!)

Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery Website:

•  Make a pup-pit-stop at Dogs-n-Donuts to get your furry friend a special treat. Humans can buy road trip merch but remember the donuts here are for dogs only! Stock up on their faves to reward them for following your road trip rules. 

Dogs-n-Donuts Website:

•  Return to Hacienda Del Sol to refresh and get ready for some live music with dinner.

Arizona Cookie Box from Dogs-n-Donuts
Dogs-n-Donuts - ​​Arizona Cookie Box

ALMOST too cute to eat! Reminder - they're only for pooches and NOT pet parents.


• Enjoy dinner & live music at LaCo on their dog-friendly patio.


 Return to Hacienda Del Sol for an evening dip before packing up to depart Tucson in the morning.

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

In a pair of Plim Soul Lux leather sneakers to take a snap of one last stunning sunset. Tomorrow we head to the next stop on our road trip - Santa Fe! 

Look out for Day 4 of our unforgettable Wander Well road trip. We’ll continue our quest to support local businesses, discover delectable foodie spots, and connect with local community members generous enough to share special peeks with us into their daily lives!


Feel Good, Wander Well!