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How to Style Wool Clogs in Cold Weather

While slippers aren’t really acceptable outside the house, there is nothing more perfect for cold temperature weather than indoor-outdoor wool clogs. Wool clogs are comfortable, fashionable, and a favored winter shoe for many women because of how versatile they are. You can slide wool clogs seamlessly into your wardrobe, pairing them with all of your favorite pieces. 

Wondering what to wear with clogs? When it comes to styling wool clogs, less is generally more. Too many patterns and layers can distract from the style of the shoes and be a bit overwhelming. If you need some style inspiration, take a look at the ideas we’ve rounded up below.

Wear Clogs with Loungewear

Let’s start with the simplest styling tip: wearing your clogs with loungewear. We’ve all accepted by now that loungewear can be worn everyday and almost everywhere you go, so you may as well embrace the trend and put on your cozy knit sweats when you choose to wear clogs. You can be comfy while you work from home in this look, or as you run errands around town.

Wear Clogs with Culottes

When trying to find what to wear with clogs, they pair particularly well with cropped pants like flowy culottes because the shorter hemline makes your shoes the star of the show. You can show off a pair of beautifully embroidered clogs, like Woolderness 2 when you wear a neutral pair of culottes in beige or navy. This is a great transition look for fall because your feet will be warm as temperatures drop, but you won’t overheat from wearing long pants when you wear clogs.

Taos Woolderness 2 Clog

Dress Them Up with a Skirt

Wool clogs are a casual staple, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t elevate your look and wear clogs with more dressed up pieces. A long knit dress or thick wool skirt will wrap you in a cocoon of comfort while making your clogs look dressy enough for the office or a coffee with friends. The key to wearing slipper shoes in public is to style them as a statement piece and work the rest of your outfit around them.

How to Wear Clogs with Socks

While you certainly don’t need to wear wool clogs with socks, here are tips for how to wear clogs with socks. It can be nice to add a pair of thick socks to make your feet feel extra warm and cozy. Socks and wool shoes won’t go unnoticed, so you should go ahead and embrace this ‘cottagecore’ style by wearing a casual outfit that is lighthearted. You can either wear your socks and slippers at home with your PJ’s, or rock them on the town in a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater. You can even wear clogs like Woolma with thick tights on cold days.

Taos Woolma Clog

Wear Clogs with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a one-piece wonder that you can wear for work or play during the colder months. When worn with a pair of classic wool clogs, like Woollery, you’ll be ready to hit the town in style. There’s something inherently fun about both jumpsuits and wool clogs, so we can see jumpsuits being what to wear with clogs.

Taos Woollery Clog

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