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Clogs: The Perfect Wear-With-Everything Shoe For Fall

We’ve all got boots, flats, and sneakers that we rotate through during the cooler months, but one shoe that is sometimes overlooked is the clog. For anyone who doesn’t already see clogs as a staple for fall, we’re here to show you why they are a must this year! Clogs are easy to put on, stylish, and ultra cozy with or without socks. Especially when you are spending a lot of time around the house, indoor-outdoor clogs make life easier. What more could you want from a fall or winter shoe?

How to Choose Clogs

Ready to find your perfect match in clogs? Choosing the right pair or pairs of clogs will bring you happiness on a daily basis. There’s no better feeling than sinking your toes into comfort and Taos wool clogs can’t be beat. Consider the following elements to help you choose the best clog for you!

Get the Comfort Level You Deserve

Clogs should be comfortable, period. Here at Taos, we make your foot health a priority, so all of our clogs for women are designed to cradle your feet with care. Each clog has a removable footbed that forms to your foot to provide all-over support, including for high arches. For this reason, our clogs are great for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other foot pains. Our wool clogs also have a cork sole that offers flexibility and protects your joints by absorbing shock every time you walk. Cork footbed shoes are naturally eco-friendly and sustainable as well!

Taos Woolderness 2 Taupe Comfortable and Cozy Cork Outsole Clogs

How Should Clogs Fit?

Clogs are slide-on shoes, so they should be easy to take on and off. That said, you don’t want your clog to be sliding off while you walk, so a snug fit in your size is best. Taos wool clogs won’t lose their shape, but they will provide a bit of give to make room for your feet. They are by no means rigid, which allows them to accommodate foot issues like bunions and blisters without rubbing.

Choose Your Lining

Depending on where and when you are planning to wear your clogs, you might like to have the option of a faux-fur, wool, or suede lining. Woolderness 2 is a cozy option for fall and winter with a faux-fur lining that will wrap your feet in softness and keep them warm -- ideal for anyone who gets cold feet easily. If you’re looking for a wool lining instead, the Woolma is a fall favorite made with durable boiled wool. 

Taos Woolma Clogs with Contrast Stitching

What Style Suits You Best?

All Taos indoor outdoor shoes are made to look as good as they feel, so choosing your style comes down to personal preference. With our wool clogs, you can choose from a variety of different colors, both neutral and bright. Woolderness 2 has beautiful hand embroidered Italian boiled wool in floral patterns that will add a bit of whimsy to your everyday outfit. For a straightforward, everyday clog, you’ll love Woollery

Taos Woollery Clogs

It’s not hard to style clogs -- they go with everything! For casual days, you can wear your clogs with loungewear for women while you work from home or run errands. Slip-on clogs like Convertawool are stylish with a pair of jeans and a cardigan. We also think clogs look great with dresses and long skirts, adding a touch of comfort to your favorite dinner outfit.

Taos Convertawool Clogs

Whatever you decide to wear, we’re certain your clogs will be the perfect finishing touch!

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