5 Easy Ways to Get More Comfortable in Boots This Winter

Winter is here, and it’s time to say goodbye to all of your summer stilettos and flats. Instead, make room for winter footwear that will guard your feet against the elements. Boots are the go-to footwear for the season. While keeping warm in comfortable boots should be your top priority, that doesn’t mean you can’t find stylish options, either. Not only should your winter footwear protect you from the weather, but you shouldn’t have to choose between comfortable and stylish boots for women.

We’re sharing our tips on how to find a pair of comfortable and stylish boots. Here is how to get the most out of this winter footwear:

1. Comfortable Boots for Women Must Fit Properly

Since you’ll be wearing thicker socks to keep your feet warmer, you will want to take that into account when buying comfortable and stylish boots. Make sure they’re not too tight because added layers will only increase pressure and may cause rubbing and sores. Try shoes on with the socks you will be wearing to make sure you choose the right pair of comfortable boots.

You may even want to consider shopping for a women’s wide width shoe. To ensure your winter footwear stays comfortable regardless of how thick your socks are, you may want to consider a shoe that you know will stretch with your foot.

A style like the Dillie is a great option since the Portuguese suede is flexible and moves with your foot. Plus, faux fur lining will help you stay warm while the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed keeps your foot supported all day long in these comfortable black boots.

taos dillie boots

2. Look for Stylish Boots for Women With Arch Support

Does your usual winter footwear give you some back pain or stop being comfortable after more than an hour? If that’s the case, you should get comfortable boots for women that feature arch support.

Arch support will relieve strain on the muscles on your foot, ankles, and legs while you’re walking and standing. It will also help distribute pressure across your arches and provide stability and balance. Arch support should be a key feature to consider when you’re looking for comfortable and stylish boots for women.

Our Crave leather boots with the Soft Support™ removable footbed offer both style and support. Not only does the footbed provide metatarsal and arch support, but also the soft, premium padding will keep you cushioned for long-lasting comfort. This is a stylish, leather boot you can count on.

taos crave boots

3. Ensure Your Boots are Comfortable With Stretchers

Since it can sometimes be time-consuming and difficult to break boots in, it may be worth looking into boot stretchers. 

If your boots are made of leather, you can use stretchers to widen them and soften them so you can get to wearing your new comfortable boots more quickly. These are especially helpful with boots that go over your calf. This style is always a hard fit to get right if not custom-fitted, so stretchers will ensure they’re your perfect size.

4. Pick The Right Socks to Wear With Your Winter Footwear

Going back and forth between the warm indoors and the freezing outdoors means a serious temperature change. This can often cause your feet to sweat. If this happens to you, look for moisture-wicking socks. They will absorb the moisture and kill bacteria and odor, keeping your comfortable boots scent-free and comfortable all season long.

5. Tips for Avoiding Blisters From New, Stylish Boots for Women

If you’re prone to blisters in the winter months, look for more than just bandages to put over the affected part. Products like Moleskin will act like another layer of skin. It is flexible, sticky, and durable. It’s just what you need to avoid irritation when wearing your new winter footwear.

Finding the right pair of comfortable and stylish boots for women can seem impossible. But keep these points in mind, and you’re sure to find your perfect match. With such a wide array of comfortable boots for women available, you can take on winter in style.

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