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7 Best Shoes For Nurses Who Stand All Day In 2022

As a nurse, you spend a lot more time on your feet than most. While you’re caring for others, don’t forget to care for yourself! Ultimately you need to be healthy to do your job, which includes being free of foot pain and ailments associated with poor foot support. When you are standing for hours on end, it’s essential to find comfortable shoes that will be supportive. Taos shoes blend the best of function and style for truly great nursing shoes.

Key Benefits of Good Footwear as a Nurse

  • Provides Arch Support
  • Protects Your Feet
  • Encourages Great Posture
  • Cushions Your Step 
  • Absorbs Shock to Protect Your Joints
  • Supports Healthy Circulation

Features of the Best Shoes for Nurses

  • Orthotic-Level Comfort
  • Cushioning
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Antimicrobial
  • Durable
  • Slip-Resistant

Best Clogs for Nurses

Clogs are a popular choice for nurse shoes because they are comfortable and easy to slip on in a hurry. They also tend to have a thick, supportive sole that provides maximum cushioning for a long day of walking around. Here are the best clogs for nurses:

  1.  Woollery: Hospitals and clinics can be cold! If you’re tired of wearing multiple pairs of socks to keep your feet warm, a pair of wool clogs are perfect nursing shoes for women. Our colorful Woolery clogs are made for coziness, plus they have a Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed. While Taos’ footbeds are designed to be extremely supportive, you can also switch them out for custom orthotics if you have specific foot problems.

    Taos Woollery Wool Clogs

  2. Woolderness 2: Similar to Woolery, these wool clogs feel like walking on a cloud. Without question, the hand-embroidery is sure to cheer you and your patients up! While it is not your first concern as a nurse, it is an added bonus to have shoes that are stylish and show your personality as the rest of your outfit is scrubs. 

    Taos Woolderness 2 Embroidered Wool Clogs

  3. Convertawool: For the spring and summer, a pair of Convertawool clogs will pamper your tired feet. These convertible clogs have a non-slip outsole so you can hurry down the hallway at your clinic without worrying about slipping. 
Taos Convertawool Wool Clogs

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

We understand that some days you’ll prefer a shoe with a back. For these times, trade your cozy clogs for a pair of sneakers that are supportive enough for all-day use. Here are some of our favorite sneakers for nurses:

  1. Rubber Soul: If easy on and off is a priority, try a pair of Rubber Soul sneakers, which slip on, but feature a back. These canvas sneakers have a thick, high platform to provide optimal cushioning for a long day of being on your feet. 

    Taos Rubber Soul Canvas Slip On Sneakers

  2. Plim Soul: If you prefer a lace-up pair of sneakers, choose ones with a thick platform, like Plim Soul. These offer a customizable fit with the laces so that you can make them looser to accommodate the shape of your foot. 
Taos Plim Soul Canvas Lace Up Sneakers

Best Leather Shoes for Hospital Staff

In some respects, Taos leather shoes for nurses resemble nursing clogs, but they are more stylish! Made with premium leather as well as decorative hardware, these shoes are beloved by nurses.

  1. Twin Gore Lux: Slide your feet into sleek comfort with a pair of leather Twin Gore Lux supportive shoes. With removable Polyurethane Curves & Pods® removable footbeds, they are made to cushion your feet and support you even if you have foot problems.

    Taos Twin Gore Lux Leather Slip On Sneakers

  2. Encore: Featuring artisan medallion hardware and a bungee closure, these practical leather beauties are perfect for nursing. They’ve even been treated with a SILVADUR Antimicrobial Shield to protect from odor and bacteria, so you can wear them all day while your feet stay fresh. 

    Taos Encore Dress Shoes

Finding the best shoes for standing all day will depend on the specific needs of your feet. For example, if you already have bunions, it’s recommended to choose a shoe that has a square-shaped toe box. Make sure your shoes do not press up against the sensitive parts of your feet. Most importantly, try on your shoes before purchasing them! Taos shoes do not require a break-in period, so the fit should feel just right from the start. 

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