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6 Ways To Make Thong Sandals More Comfortable

In the height of the summer heat, you want to feel breezy and comfortable whether you’re vacationing at the beach or relaxing at a backyard BBQ. Sliding into a fuss-free pair of sandals is the only way to go when it comes to footwear, but they also need to be comfortable. Taos women’s leather thong sandals combine all the ease of a pair of flip-flops, but with far more support. Not only do they keep your feet cool on a hot day, but they won’t give you blisters while you’re walking to the pool.

To help you find the most comfy thong-style sandals, we’ve rounded up the following tips to consider.

How to Make Thong Sandals More Comfortable

1. Buy Your True Size

You may not be intentionally buying the wrong size shoe, but if thong sandals consistently hurt your feet, it might be that you are buying shoes that are too small or too large. While bigger sandals might feel more comfy at first, your foot sliding around in them will ultimately cause more problems. If you have wide feet, consult this guide to get the perfect fit.

2. Look for Customized Fit Features

To help you get a better fit, look for customizable features like elastic, velcro or buckle features. Adjustable sandals will provide a better fit and be able to expand when your feet feel like they are swelling on a hot day. For example, Lola provides a custom fit with a velcro strap that extends over the top of your foot.

Taos Lola Geometric Multi Sandals

3. Choose Sandals with Arch Support

When it comes to sandals, flat flip-flops are a no-go if you plan to walk for any length of time. Walking in completely flat flip flops can lead to problems beyond just foot pain, extending to your legs and spine. Instead, take care of your bones and joints by opting for comfy thong sandals with built-in arch support, like Zone. If you desire even more cushioning, opt for a wedge sandal like Trulie. It’s supportive with braided straps and a lightweight cork footbed, plus it's fashionable enough to wear to a garden party.

Taos Zone Sandals
Taos Newlie Sandals

4. The More Straps, the Better

The more straps that are on your sandals, the better your level of support will be. Sandals with just the center thong strap put all the pressure in between your big and second toe, which can result in blisters. Instead, look for leather thong sandals with a strap around your big toe, like Genie.

Taos Genie Sandals

5. Know Your Limits

Even sandals that have great arch support shouldn’t be worn all day everyday if you are doing a lot of walking. Some sandals will start to hurt after several hours of walking around, while others will be fine for the whole day. Know the limits of your sandals and plan ahead so that you can switch to sneakers when you are going to be walking for long periods of time. With any shoes, you should alternate from one day to the next to avoid pressure being put consistently on the same parts of your feet.

6. Let Them Dry Out in Between Wears

Another reason to switch out your sandals every other day is to let them dry completely in between wears. It’s very likely that your sandals are going to get wet at the beach or pool and when they do, you should let them dry out fully before wearing them again. Wet sandals can cause rubbing on your feet, which can lead to blisters. In addition, bacteria can build up on wet shoes, which can result in a foul smell and fungal infections.

7. Enjoy Your Summer in Comfy Taos Thong Sandals

We all want to be able to enjoy the summer without having to worry about our footwear. Taos makes this easy with stylish footbed thong sandals that are specifically designed with comfort and support in mind. With orthotic-level footbeds built right into your sandals, you can wear your sandals on all your summer adventures!

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