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5 Features That Prove These Flat Sandals Were Made for Walking

Summertime means sandals, and not just for the pool. Whether you are walking around your house or heading out to do some socially-distanced activities in the sun, you deserve some cute flat sandals that protect your feet. Especially during the summer when feet are more likely to swell because of the heat, you’ll want comfortable walking sandals that let your feet breathe without sacrificing support.

Who says sandals aren’t made for outdoor exercise? There are plenty of fun ways to stay active while wearing comfortable flat sandals. With the features below, you’ll be taking long strides all summer.

The best sandals for walking are made with soft, high-quality materials

We source high-quality materials because when it comes to your feet, it makes a big difference. If you’ve ever worn plastic flip-flops and experienced blisters or had them suddenly break on the way to the beach, you understand.

The majority of our flat walking sandals for women are made with premium leather uppers to comfortably mold to your foot without digging in. Leather is very hard-wearing, so you could wear these shoes for years without needing a new pair. Comfortable for walking, these cute flat sandals are also perfect for hiking, biking, and relaxing!

They have built-in arch and metatarsal support

What makes our flat walking sandals truly special is that every pair has a built-in footbed. This is designed to cushion the foot and provide shock absorption. There are different types of footbeds depending on the design of the sandal, but they all provide excellent arch and metatarsal support. This makes our cute flat sandals ideal for walking shoes for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems.

Some popular and stylish walking sandals like the Universe come with a padded lightweight cork footbed, which is a great material for relieving the strain of walking. Cork is an eco-friendly and naturally springy substance, so it puts an extra bounce in your step. Other sandals, like Trophy 2 have a built-in Taos Soft Support™ premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam™ made of supportive microfiber. So not only are they stylish, but they’re also some of the best sandals for walking – even if you suffer from common foot problems.

Taos Universe Z Strap Leather Sandals

Taos Trophy 2 Leather Strap Sandals

Adjustable sandals have staying power with a customizable fit

When you are looking for comfortable walking sandals, you want a pair that won’t slide off your feet every step. Many of our flat sandals for women feature adjustable straps, like Trulie, which provide a custom fit. For those that don’t have adjustable straps, rest assured that the footbed and straps have been designed to contour to your feet so that you won’t be slipping and sliding around in them!

Taos Trulie Woven Leather Strap Sandals

There’s an anti-microbial shield

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Many of our flat sandal footbeds come treated with an Antimicrobial Shield. This will keep bacteria and other germs from setting in. In turn, this helps prevent odor and athlete’s foot from forming; plus it keeps your sandals fresh longer.

Plus, these are stylish walking sandals!

Gift 2 to the beautiful medallion and jewel hardware on Prize 3, there’s a pair of cute flat sandals for every style and outfit.

Taos Gift 2 Leather Sandals

Taos Prize 3 Black Slide Sandal

There are numerous benefits of walking every day for your health and overall happiness. Don’t let uncomfortable sandals hold you back -- choose the best sandals for walking that will make staying active fun and enjoyable.