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4 Reasons to Love Slip-On Shoes

Practical and stylish, slip-on shoes are a staple for many busy men and women. Loafers, canvas sneakers, espadrilles, slip-on sandals, and moccasins are styles we all know and love. 

There are many benefits of wearing slip-on shoes for women, from ease and versatility to comfort and style. If you aren’t convinced already, read on for four reasons why everyone needs at least one pair of slip-on sneakers or sandals in their shoe closet!

1. Save Time with an Easy-To-Put-On Shoe

In a hurry? Slip-on shoes are your go-to. Without the fuss of laces, zips, or velcro, you can simply slide your foot into slip-on sneakers and run out the door. No fumbling, no opportunity to come undone; slip-ons just make life that much easier.

Women’s slip-on sneakers like Rubber Soul are perfect for travel because you can easily slide them on and off at airport security and once you get on the plane. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of room and they are very lightweight, so there’s no chance they’ll send your suitcase over the weight limit. 

Taos Footwear Rubber Soul Canvas Slip On Sneakers

You can also rest assured that they’ll keep your feet comfortable and protected while you’re away, thanks to their thick platform and built-in arch and metatarsal support. For warm-weather vacations, you can snag a pair of classic white slip-on shoes to match your tropical surroundings, while a pair of black slip-on shoes can suit a busy city vacation. No matter your destination, Rubber Soul is the perfect companion!

2. Reap the Benefits of Lightweight Slip On Footwear

Lightweight shoes mean less strain on your feet. With less weight being carried by each step, you’ll feel like you can walk further than ever in slip-on sandals or sneakers. Take the Twin Gore Lux leather sneakers, a classic slip-on shoe with plenty of style and above-average comfort. With a sleek design, these women’s slip-on sneakers are made for movement.

Taos Twin Gore Lux Leather Slip On Sneakers

Of course, the minimal bulk of the slip on design still leaves room for a Taos removable orthotic insole, which is a must for arch support. Check out our guide on the best shoes for flat feet to see why arch support is always important – whether you have high arches or not.

Taos Active Sneaker Footbed Call Out Digram

3. Enjoy the Versatility of Slip-On Shoes

As a result of the ease of slip-ons, they appear simple and casual. But, they are actually very versatile. For example, slip-on tennis shoes look great with jeans and a flannel and can be dressed up with a sundress or flowy skirt.

Or, you can opt for a more polished style like Unity for work or special occasions. These leather slip-ons would suit the boardroom nicely. They are lined in leather and covered in leather, but made more hard-wearing by a flexible rubber outsole.

Taos Unity Leather Sneaker Bootie

4. Slip-on Clogs, Sandals and Sneakers are Made for Comfort

One step up from your house slippers, slip-on shoes like Woolderness 2 are made for comfort. Combine the soft knit uppers and indulgent faux fur lining of these slip-on shoes with the Taos commitment to foot care and the result is nothing short of feeling like there are pillows on your feet! They may be as comfortable and cushy as house slippers, but the rubber outsole means that you can wear these vibrant slip-ons from the bedroom to the street with no questions asked.

Taos Woolderness 2 Embroidered Wool Clogs

Whether you opt for
Dandy rubber sole sneakers, Woolderness 2 clogs, or a pair of relaxed canvas sneakers, there’s nothing better than an easy slip-on shoe that you can rely on. Perfect for walking, traveling, and meetings, we can’t imagine life without this go-to footwear. They may be simple and comfortable, but with our commitment to high-quality materials and designs, we’re sure any one of our slip-on shoes for women will quickly become a favorite in your wardrobe.

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